GPS control on the free ViaLatM 2.0 service

    This article was prepared after a radical revision of the VaiLatM service (client and server parts). In addition, the Android application has been significantly improved. Improvements are based on the wishes and requests of users of the service and application. I am grateful to everyone who sent ideas and suggestions for improving the service. You can get acquainted with the new interface and features using the demo access to the service link on the website . In this article, I will briefly describe the main innovations.

    New application interface

    The new interface is implemented in a window style.

    Map workspace

    The workspace for the card can be expanded by hiding the main menu panel and the status panel (at the bottom of the screen) through the Settings menu. At the same time, an icon appears on the map through which you can return to displaying these interface components.

    Tracker and Geofence Panels

    Through the main menu, you can open the panels of trackers and geofences. The panels that open on the left side of the screen display lists of trackers (geofences) that belong to this account. When you click on the tracker’s icon or its name, its current location will be displayed on the map. Here you can mark the trackers that should be constantly displayed on the map. To the left of the icon with the name of the tracker, there is an icon that opens an additional menu for the selected tracker.

    Tracker Watchers

    If the eye icon is to the right of the tracker’s name, it means that it is accessible to external observers. Observers are controlled through an additional menu. Observers can only access the current location of the tracker and its “trace” in the last 10 minutes.

    Sessions and tracks

    The reports menu has report groups for sessions and tracks. Session - tracker messages between START - STOP events (include all movements and parking in this set of events). Not all types of trackers and smartphone apps generate these events. Track - a set of tracker messages during a period of continuous movement. When you select reports on sessions and tracks, a list of sessions (tracks) is displayed on the left side of the screen. When you click on an item in the list, the trace for the selected item is displayed. To the left of an element is an icon through which you can quickly call up other detailed reports for this element (for example, reports on speed or track messages).

    Tracker popup

    When you click on the tracker icon on the map, a pop-up window with the current information about the tracker appears next to it. The composition of the fields displayed in this window can be configured through the additional menu of the tracker. In the pop-up window there are two icons: “menu” - when you click on it, an additional menu for this tracker is displayed; “Magnifier” - the track of the tracker for the last hour is displayed.


    The service allows you to create reports in various formats. Reporting in the form of graphs and charts is allowed.

    Android application "ViaLatM Lighthouse and Tracker"

    Significantly redesigned application interface. It has become easier and friendlier to use. You can download the application on Google Play via the link ViaLatM Lighthouse and Tracker


    In the near future we will publish interesting new features of the service and tell about them in the following articles.

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