Xpom-Xpum! SDK - IDE for Google Chrome Extensions and Applications

What it is?

Xpom Xpum! SDK is a free open source IDE in C # (license - MIT). Purpose - to write all sorts of different extensions and applications for browsers based on Chromium.

How to use?

So, you have downloaded the latest release of Xpom-Xpum! SDK (at the time of writing of the article - Alpha) and were convinced of the presence of the installed .NET Framework 4.
Before you - an IDE window.

First of all, as in many other IDEs, you need to create a project:

  1. Click File> New .
  2. Choose the type of your project - “Chrome Extension”. Enter a project name. Since a folder with the project name will be created, the name should not contain these characters: \ /? "<> .
    Remember the Project Folder. This is the folder in which the files of our extension will be.
  3. In the project browser (left), the Manifest.json file appears. Double-click it - and you see its text with the following content:

        "manifest_version": 2,
        "name": "Проект1",
        "version": ""

    This file is enough to install the trial extension in Chrome (although you can add more files and folders through the Project menu, for example, with icons, a background script or content scripts).
  4. Click the “Run” button on the toolbar.

    Xpom-Xpum! launches an instance of Google Chrome with the extension installed. You can see your extension if you go to chrome: // extensions.

    If the browser is already running, then the extension is simply installed in its current instance.
  5. To make the extension runable outside of Xpom-Xpum, you can pack it in CRX (but in the new Chromium and all browsers based on it, installing these extensions is prohibited!) Or simply download it in the developer mode to the browser by specifying the Project Folder.

What if you don’t have Google Chrome?

Xpom-Xpum! can be used with any Chromium-based browser if it correctly supports installing command line extensions.

Recommended use: Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron, Uran, Yandex.Browser.

To set up a browser in the IDE:
  1. Go to Launch -> Launch Settings.
  2. Click Add Browser To List.
  3. Enter the path to the EXE of your browser (for example, C: \ Program Files \ Browser \ chrome.exe). Click OK.
  4. Important: select this browser in the list of browsers in the Run Settings window.
  5. Click OK in the Run Settings window.

IDE setup

In Xpom-Xpum! SDK you can create your own project type for the Create project window and set syntax highlighting. About this - in the documentation .

Also, the source code for Xpom-Xpum! SDK written in C #, you can easily open in any Visual Studio newer than 2010 (including Express), and modify and compile without any restrictions.

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