Laptop and thief stolen during London riots thanks to tracking program

    Not so long ago I published the news that the owner of the laptop was able to find it thanks to the installed Hidden tracking program (this is a MacBook). This time, the free program Prey for the same MacBook excelled. So, the other day, a network security expert named Greg Martin returned to his London apartment, and discovered that the apartment was visited by looters, and his MacBook was stolen. Interestingly, Greg used to work for the FBI, NASA, and is an expert on network security. But it is clear that the thief did not know this.

    In general, Greg did not show any special professional skills when searching for a laptop. He installed the Prey program a couple of months ago, it is free software that allows you to track your laptop or phone (in the case of a mobile application), and helps to find your devices in case of loss or theft.

    For two days, the laptop was out of touch, apparently, the attacker simply did not turn it on. And so, when Greg went to Luxembourg, on a business trip, he received a long-awaited message by e-mail, with information that the laptop was still turned on. After that, the location of the laptop could be detected by a small child: the program allowed to see all the resources visited by the thief, saved his account information from Facebook and other resources, plus you could see the thief himself.

    Greg, based on the data received, was able to establish the location of the thief, his name, surname and all other personal data. All this was sent to the police, after which the thief was detained. The thief turned out to be 18-year-old Soheil Khalilfar. The laptop was returned to the owner.

    As you can see, such software can be really useful - it’s probably worth installing such programs on laptops and mobile devices. Fortunately, such software is often free.

    Via Mashable

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