Intel RealSense MeetUp. All About RealSense for Developers - Quick and to Do

    What is Intel RealSense ? For technology-savvy people, this is a new way of interacting with a computer or tablet, based on gestures, video analysis and voice commands. But that is far from all. RealSense can be a good practice in programming, because there are a lot of new and interesting things. Or maybe it’s a profitable business, because the convergence of man and computer is a common trend in the development of digital technology. The main thing here is interest. And to get interested - you need to see with your own eyes. So we invite you to a meeting with RealSense.

    What do you need to apply RealSense technology?

    What will come of this as a result, for example, can be read in an article written by Cappasity specialists - they constructed a 3D scanning system for real objects using RealSense.

    And here's another story : how two people in just a few hours created a prototype system based on RealSense that analyzes the driver’s driving behavior and helps him avoid a tragedy. And not just created, but won the Intel Hackathon - they are held constantly and everywhere. And not only hackathons, but also global application contests, such as the Intel RealSense App Challenge with a good prize program and a bunch of goodies for participants.

    Did we convince you that RealSense is at least entertaining? Then we are waiting for you at RealSense MeetUp meetings - events where interested people communicate with knowledgeable people. The next meeting will be held in Moscow on March 19 at the Katerina City Hotel (Shlyuzovaya nab., 6 Celsius Conference Hall).

    Register for a meeting

    In the program: a brief overview of Intel RealSense technology, speeches by Intel experts and developers who have already used RealSense cameras in their projects, and of course, live chat, pizza, low-alcohol drinks and demonstrations of competitive projects.

    We invite participants of the RealSense App Challenge and the hackathon to prepare their demonstrations and tell about their experience, this is the very opportunity to discuss progress and answer your questions. Email us to plan your time in advance.

    Taking this opportunity, we immediately invite you to the next MeetUp, which will be held in St. Petersburg on April 2 - registration is already open . March 27, there will be a meeting in Kiev , well, and then we will definitely come to Nizhny Novgorod again, the date and place are still being discussed - you can suggest in the comments where it would be more convenient for you to get together.

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