Where do potential buyers go?

    Habr, hello.
    Yesterday I analyzed the sites where you can place a proposal for the sale of a large web project focused on a western audience. I only found the forum searchengines.ru, as it seems to me there are people there who can communicate on this subject in detail.
    Has anyone encountered a similar problem in the past? Where were you looking for buyers? What was the result?

    Information about the project: (for those interested)

    File hosting service , popular in Asia and Latin America. Known as a simple, reliable and very fast file hosting. The service site is located in the USA, the total bandwidth of the channel is 700 Mb / s, there are no restrictions on traffic, the storage capacity is 7Tb.

    The service allows you to upload files up to 1GB in size (without subject limitation) and download them without waiting for the “queue” and registration. There is no system of paid accounts - all users are equal.

    The service exists for 2 years, during this time a rather active community has formed. (judging by the activity of users in the project forum). Search engine optimization was not carried out, so the site has good results:

    Google finds - 92,800 pages
    PageRank - 3

    Yandex finds - 1,622 pages
    TIC - 50

    Alexa traffic rank: 3,716
    For some time it was part of Alexa Global Top 500 .

    Innovations in the project: The
    service was the first in the world to enable users to download and upload files via FTP!
    Also, as part of the service, a tool was developed to search for files by other popular file hosting services (mediafire.com, filefactory.com, fileho.com, file-upload.com, bigupload.com, depositfiles.com, etc.)

    Development prospects:
    Now the project fully pays for itself by placing Adwords. When conducting proper search engine optimization and promotion activities among the target audience (owners of stores, etc.), introducing paid services (premium accounts, ftp-access, etc.), the project will show extremely high profitability.

    Reasons for sale:
    Urgent withdrawal of the investor from the project.

    Statistics (for the last 30 days)

    Visits - 1 108 022
    Unique visitors - 727 950 (68% of the total)
    Pageviews - 2146152

    traffic sources:
    direct transitions - 15%
    Jumps from sites - 75%
    Bots - 10%

    Basic Referring sites: (total 12,173 sources)
    1. bajarpeliculas.com.ar
    2. movies4world.com
    3. dvd4arab.com
    4. asapload.com
    5. divxevi.com
    6. taringa.net
    7. thegenius.us
    8. bramjnet.com
    9. cinevicio.org
    10. divxevimiz.com

    Main countries: (207 countries in total)
    1. Brazil - 345 112
    2. Egypt- 212 113
    3. Saudi Arabia - 110 151
    4. Turkey - 105 535
    5. United States - 97 509
    6. Iran - 77 744
    7. Argentina - 63 501
    8. India - 39 200
    9. Malaysia - 31 351
    10. United Kingdom - 29 206


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