9 facts that programmers know and not everyone else knows

Original author: Macleod Sawyer
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Fact 1

Under the hood of the most critical programs that you use on a daily basis (Mac OS X or Facebook), there are a terrible amount of hacks and crutches that can hardly get along with each other. It is as if you dismantled the Boeing 747 and saw that the fuel line is held by a clothes hanger, and the chassis is wound with electrical tape.

Ben Cherry

The code of the programs is such that even if the site or program works perfectly and looks great, then behind the scenes everything that makes it work consists of errors, mistakes and crutches. It works barely and sometimes it is not at all clear why.

Fact 2

25% of the time in programming is spent thinking about what the user might do wrong.

Brian Humes

actually takes more or less percent of the time, but every time we really need to think about what the user can break here. Where it clicks, what it will lead, and how you can understand what we are trying to do is wrong. If we counted only on ourselves, the programs would have too many problems - we know how the program works, but the user does not know.

Fact 3

A programmer is not a computer repair specialist

Ritesh Kumar Gupta

Programmer works with algorithms and principles of development, and does not repair computers. We can understand how a computer works and how code is executed. But this does not mean that we can repair iron. We don’t know what problem in Chrome drops it on your computer, or why your computer is overheating. Programmers program computers, not repair them.

Fact 4

Programming is thinking, not typing.

Casey Paton

For the most part, we program when we sleep, walk, look out the window, or do something else that allows us to relax and think. Relaxation is one of the important aspects of programming. You can’t just sit down and write a thousand lines of code and paste them into a program. We need to sit, walk, think. Come up with a concept, fix its flaws, decide how it will work ... Relaxation is the only way we can use to fix problems.

Fact 5

Countdown starts from scratch

It is important. Counting is from scratch - your 1 is my 0, your 10 is my 9. All because of the need to do things efficiently, when even a small increase in efficiency can increase productivity on a scale.

Fact 6

It is best to program in a stream - in a state of consciousness when you are focused on the task and everything seems simple. This condition is also familiar to athletes and musicians.

Morgan Johansson

Programmers love working at night because it allows us to enter the flow, focus on one thing and not worry about being distracted. Everyone else is just sleeping. This is the time of day when no one is around, no one is calling or trying to talk to us. Great time to think and program.

Fact 7

It’s sometimes useful to put off the problem until morning

Sometimes it is really useful for programmers, having met a difficult task, to sleep “with it”. Many times I met with the fact that I couldn’t manage to solve something for hours, but after only 20 minutes of sleep (or any other dream) upon waking up, the solution came up by itself.

Fact 8

“Parent” can kill his “children” if their task is completed

Not the phrase that I would like to hear from anyone. But for programmers, it doesn’t sound so scary. Programs often have a hierarchical structure, where the parent process controls its child processes, which are launched at a lower level.
When the parent process no longer needs a child, it kills it - when the program does not need to do anything else, its execution is completed.

Fact 9

You are not impressed with how much we know about computers. We are not impressed with how little you know about them.

Seriously. Enough. We don’t care how proud you are that you don’t want to learn new things. It is clear if you say “I know little about computers” or “I am not interested in programming” - but when you boast about how much you do not know about it, it is simply annoying.

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