The announcement of the book by Brian Kernigan “The Go Programming Language”

    On Amazon, they announced a new book by Brian Kernighan and Alan Donovan with the capacious title "The Go Programming Language". Who doesn’t know - Brian Kernighan is one of the Unix co-authors, the author of cron and the author of one of the most iconic programming books in the world of programming " The C Programming Language ", written with Dennis Richie in 1978.

    The book is available for pre-order, the release of the paper version is scheduled for August 27, 2015.

    The above-mentioned book, The C Programming Language, is often called a model of technical literature, and is a complete and comprehensive (albeit somewhat outdated) material on the C language. It covers all aspects of the language, and is easy to read and full of interesting examples. The second edition of the book (1988) was translated into 20+ languages, it was a reference book on C at universities and had a huge impact on the popularity and distribution of the C language in general.

    Brian later published several more books, two of which were co-written with Rob Pike - The Unix Programming Environment and The Practice of Programmingand given the fact that they worked together with Rob and Ken Thompson at Bell Labs, it is not surprising that Kernighan decided to contribute to the promotion of Go. Brian’s latest books were D is for digital (2011) and AMPL AMPL: A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming (2003).

    Therefore, there is every reason to believe that this book on Go will be as complete and conceptual as the cult book on C. In addition, it will be a good starting point for universities and teachers of Computer Science courses - in this area there are authoritative and high-quality educational literature very valuable.

    The second author of the book is Alan Donovan, a developer from Google Inc., one of the main contributors to golang / tools, the author of many tools for static analysis of Go-code (go vet, oracle etc).

    The publisher is Addison-Wesley, a computer literary author who also published books like The Mythical Man-Month and The C ++ Programming Language.


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