10 Sketch Tips

Original author: Peter Assentorp
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I have been using Sketch relatively recently, but am already delighted with this program. Therefore, I thought and decided to combine several techniques into one article that I use on a daily basis and which helped to increase the productivity of my work in Sketch.

1. Copy styles between layers

⌘ + OPTION + C
⌘ + OPTION + V

Copy styles between layers instead of copying and pasting hex color codes.

2. Moving layers up and down

⌘ + OPTION + ↑
⌘ + OPTION + ↓

Move the layers up and down in the layer list using the shortcut instead of moving it manually. Of course, it is sometimes easier to do this with the mouse, if, for example, the place where you want to move the layers is out of sight.

Easily move layers up and down using the к + ALT + ↑ or ↓ shortcut.

3. Color picker


Use the color picker in Sketch to find out the code of any color on the screen.

4. Assignment of different radius radii


A useful trick to round off only the necessary angles. Upper Left / Upper Right / Lower Right / Lower Left.

5. Symbol (symbol). Change in one place - it changes everywhere.

Use symbols, use symbols, use symbols. A symbol is a group of layers, changing one of which changes all the others.

The pink folders in the layer list indicate that this is a symbol.

An example of a symbol is shown below. It significantly simplifies the process of working on a design, since it is a waste of time to complete the same tasks.

Symbol Change in one place - it changes everywhere.

Create a symbol by clicking on the corresponding icon in the toolbar

6. Toolbar customization

Right-click on the toolbar to customize it.

Do not use drop-down menus for those things that you use more often than others. Customize your toolbar to have instant access to your most commonly used tools.

Right-click on the toolbar to customize it.

What your toolbar might look like.

7. Instantly view work on your iOS device

Download the Sketch Mirror app to see what your work will look like on an iPad or iPhone. It only costs 279 rubles. on the app store. Useful in cases where you doubt that the button or text will look too large or small on the device itself. Make sure your iOS device and computer are connected to the same wifi network.

Open the Sketch Mirror app on your iPhone or iPad to instantly view your work.

8. Plugins

If you want to access many useful Sketch plugins, download the sketch toolbox. It allows you to view the most popular plugins for Sketch. http://sketchtoolbox.com/
Here is the plugin I advise you ...

Content Generator Plugin

It allows you to instantly create fake content, such as avatars, names, and the like. https://github.com/timuric/Content-generator-sketch-plugin

9. Presentation time!

⌘ +.

If you want to show your design to someone, then do it beautifully. Get rid of all unnecessary by clicking on “⌘ +.”.

Use “⌘ +.” To enter full screen mode

10. Recording from the screen of iPhone and iPad

This is not a Sketch trick, but still very useful ...

You can record the screen of your iPhone or iPad using QuickTime. To do this, click File → New Video. Then click on the arrow to the right of the record button and select iPhone or iPad. (Your device must be connected via USB).

From the translator. For me, these tips turned out to be really very useful. This article motivated me to switch from Photoshop to Sketch . Getting used to Sketch comes in just one day of work on tutorials, which are plentiful on the Internet. Everything is simpler, more understandable and faster. Good luck with your work! With all the wishes and comments regarding the translation, please contact me in PM. Thanks!

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