Map of the World's Highways from TeleGeography. 2015 version

    Continuing the tradition begun in 2013 by this post, I want to inform you about the release of the updated map of Internet backbones from TeleGeography.
    The map shows ping data; cable laying steps; the dangers to which the cable is exposed. Under the cut, details from TeleGeography and glued print for me are printed.


    This year, card makers paid tribute to the cards of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In addition to the practical navigation functions, maps of that era were real works of art, decorated with illustrations. The main source of inspiration was the book Chet Van Duzer “Sea Monsters on the Maps of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,” which probably provides the most complete information about sea charts and monsters on them, in that era.

    Information component

    The map shows 278 operating and 21 trunk planned this year. Also, capitals are marked for all states (so the map can be used as a political one).

    Ping Information

    The insets contain infographics about ping from the USA, Great Britain and Hong Kong to a number of other countries.

    Cable hazards

    The map is decorated with images of common causes of cable damage, including fishing boats, anchors and trenches on the ocean floor, and, for example, the Titan Giant Lobster (O_o) .

    It is possible to buy a wall-mounted version of the card (for $ 250).
    Well, for the sweet print hireez (16384x12800) compiled for you by a wonderful ImageMagick in collaboration with Wget. I hope Mega will cope with the influx (just in case I duplicated it on YandexDisk ).

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