Books on Swift

    Good afternoon, Khabrovsk!

    Enough time has passed, but books in Russian about Swift have not appeared.
    Publishing house "Peter" is interested in your opinion about what this book should be. Take the survey and help us choose the perfect book.

    1. A book for beginners. For example, such a
    Swift for Beginners: Develop and Design
    Boyzie J. Peter not only introduces you to the basics of Swift — variables, constants, types, arrays, and dictionaries — it will show you how to use the unique Xcode environment, which allows you to quickly and easily create applications for iOS and OS X. In this book you will find detailed instructions, tips to make it easier to create working applications, great examples of applications for Mac and iOS, and a quick reference to working with Xcode, Playground and REPL.

    2. Classics from
    Swift for Programmers (Deitel Developer Series)
    The books of these authors do not need recommendations. In this book, as in other books by Paul and Harvey Daytel, you will find many examples of real programs that will allow you to smoothly move from the basics of the language to creating your own applications.

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    Book about Swift

    • 16.5% Starter Book 85
    • 22.9% Book for experienced programmers 118
    • 53.9% Both are needed and still yesterday 278
    • 6.6% I don’t read or intend to read 34

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