And Internet Explorer can be useful


    I want to talk about what application I found for Internet Explorer.

    I use firefox for browsing, and chrome for development.

    The Internet Explorer has not replaced me with firefox or chrome. I found him a special use. In it, I work with complex utilities, in which there are many large pictures.

    The reason is simple. And firefox and chrome on large, complex pages, with a large volume of images, fall sooner or later, and the explorer pushes, hangs, but does not die.

    We are witnessing a new round in the browser war - the restart of the Opera, Vivaldi, Blink’s separation from WebKita, Spartan.

    In this race, stability suffers. New opportunities are becoming a priority in development, and stability, unfortunately, is fading into the background.

    After the release of the new Australis interface, firefox began to fall steadily every 1-2 hours. With the release of updates, the situation improved, but did not improve. Firefox is still falling, but less frequently, 2-3 times a day.

    Google Chrome is more stable, but it has its own problem - large pages. If you try to open a page with a lot of large pictures, chrome will fall. Of course, the number of necessary pictures may depend on the power of the computer, but the fact remains - chrome does not like a large number of large pictures.

    It just so happened that for my work I need utilities that work with a large number of pictures, and all these pictures are large.

    The first utility determines the average colors of images, and saves them for future use. The work takes place in the browser, it is possible to correct the colors if the result of the algorithm does not suit.

    As you can see, there are actually a lot of pictures, 69 pages of 20 pictures.

    Initially, it was a Single Page Application, and when you click on the buttons with numbers, the list of pictures simply changed. Chrome fell after a certain number of page switching. He could fall right away, and he could work for 30 minutes without problems, and then fall.

    I had to abandon the idea of ​​Single Page Application and add real click links. So the problem was solved, but the unpleasant residue remained.

    The second utility compares screenshots of pages among themselves using Resemble.js. And again this is a Single Page Application, and again the chrome falls. I didn’t even try Firefox, because it dies on ordinary sites, but here the load is big.

    And then I got the idea to try IE.

    And I tried. The tested version is 11. In general, Internet Explorer is slower, it feels like it can freeze, but it does not crash. It can comfortably work with very large pages, for fear that he will die before you finish work.

    For a browser with such a reputation, I believe this is an achievement.

    Bravo, Internet Explorer!

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