Conference program DUMP-2015

    Hello, Habr!

    Three weeks are left before the anniversary DUMP developers' conference , which will be held in Yekaterinburg on March 20. Recall that this year there will be 6 threads and 7 parallel sections: FrontTalks, Serverside.Experience, Serverside.Knowledge, Design, Development Management, System Analysis and Testing.

    The program is almost ready. Welcome! So, the topics that we will discuss this year.


    FrontTalks Section :

    • Two reports on life simplification: Artem Malko from 2GIS will tell you how to get rid of the frontend routine using TARS, and Vitaly Lekontsev (Abak Press) about SASS;
    • Dmitry Dudin, XB Software, will teach how to optimize the speed of loading web pages;
    • Andrey Sumin from will tell you how to update the code on production to avoid the negative consequences of missing defects;
    • From Denis Chistyakov, you will learn how they managed to reduce the response time of the Yandex Browser page by 2.5 times, from Oleg Gorbenko — why the front-endner should review the list of his key skills, and from Denis Payas and Roman Khatipov (also Yandex, but Moscow) what measures should be taken in order to stop bugs on the way to the user;
    • And the angry Martian Alexey Ivanov will talk about two-level stereotyping: BEM, React, Riot and Polymer.

    Serverside.Experience Section :

    • Maxim Pashuk (2GIS) will teach how to build a bridge of friendship between developers and administrators;
    • Oleg Tsarev from will tell you what hard-technologies are behind the simplest teaser for the game from Odnoklassniki;
    • Ivan Burmistrov and Alexander Kazakov (SKB Kontur) will report on microservice architecture: properties, approaches and difficulties;
    • Dmitry Kalugin-Balashov will talk about the full-text search by;
    • How to collect open information about all Russian companies, as well as make a convenient search on them, will tell Mikhail Khrushchev from SKB Kontur;
    • Dmitry Ustalov (IMM UB RAS) will give a talk about crowdsourcing in the industry, and Danila Shtan about how they restarted the storefront in one of the largest online stores E96.

    Serverside.Knowledge section :

    • How to speed up PHP using HHVM will tell one of the authors of the Yii Framework Alexander Makarov;
    • On the example of the transition from C # to Ruby, Alexey Mogilnikov from Artec Group Inc will show what to do so that immersion in a new language is easy, enjoyable and productive;
    • Georgy Bazhukov ( will tell you what Redis is, show how it can be used and explain why it's cool;
    • Sergey Fedorov from Evil Martians will teach how to work with legacy code and not suffer;
    • And also: the latest world news of weakly completely antisymmetric quasigroups of the tenth order, rock programming and a report on type inference.


    Development Management Section :

    • Together with Alla Kvetna from Naumen we’ll talk about why the team needs a manager and whether he is needed at all;
    • Nikolay Yasinsky (Signal) will teach how to assemble a strong team of inexperienced developers (and even students);
    • How to motivate employees with the help of options or phantom actions - Roman Fadeev from Legal Jazz will tell;
    • The head of the company, Button Eugene Kobzev, will talk about their famous holacocracy: can a development team exist without a leader, KPI, regulations, etc .;
    • Nat Hajibalaev (Amplifr / Evil Martians) will teach developers to understand managers a little better and help businesses grow;
    • In addition, there will be reports on training developers, about management in OpenStreetMap and about who investors love to see in the company.

    Section Design :

    • Mikhail Baranov (Edster) will talk about “bottlenecks” in creating svg and techniques to simplify routines, and Nikita Rokotyan about processing for designers;
    • Nikita Konovalov and Yulia Petrunina (SKB Kontur) will teach you what to do to choose you, and not proven competitors;
    • Denis Klevakin from ITM Holding will tell you what DPI is and what problems arise when developing a multi-platform design;
    • Sergey Abdulmanov (Mosigra) will show how the process of studying the “new marvelous world” can be facilitated several times and how this ultimately affects sales;
    • Alexander Kotomanov will share his interesting experience in creating mobile applications, audio guides for museums and city attractions.

    Section Testing and System Analysis :

    • What and how many times you need to ask users to understand whether the product will solve their problem - will explain Dmitry Kalaev (IIDF);
    • Sergey Abdulmanov (Mosigra) will teach how to be simpler and more understandable in the process of communication in the development process;
    • Elvira Sobolev, SKB Kontur, will tell how testers seize power in one single team;
    • Igor Panchenko from Redcrot will make a report on site security audit tools for testers and all-all-all;
    • Danila Rozhkov (CIT) will tell you how to design a complex system using several teams of analysts;
    • And let's talk about how to write instructions and about the career of a tester.

    Abstracts can be read here.. Stay tuned for more updates.


    Competition for those who love dumps

    For those who have already been to DUMP, but have not yet registered, we have a contest in honor of the fifth anniversary. All that is needed is to lay out in any social network evidence that you were already DUMP. The more dumps, the greater the discount. Details of the competition are here . The conference will be held at the Expo Center (Yekaterinburg, Expo Boulevard, 2). On the day of the conference, morning delivery of the participants by bus to the "point" and back will be organized. Expo-center, March 20 from 10.00 to 18.00, from 18.00 - afterparty. All details and registration are on the conference website . Come, we will be glad to see you!


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