Canon DM-2400CR. Electronic notebook. Dreams of the nineties

    Huge touch screens, powerful processors, hundreds of megabytes of RAM, now such devices surround us. But before, cool things were considered completely different gadgets. One of which I dug up at home. So, meet:
    Canon DM-2400CR
    Canon DM-2400CR. Electronic notebook.

    She got me back in 2001, as a gift from my aunt. Unfortunately I could not find information on the year of manufacture, but when replacing the batteries, the date reset to 1996, which can be considered the year of birth of the device.

    So, what can we contrast with modern monsters?
    Display: 2 lines of 18 characters 5 × 7 points: The
    top line displays both letters and numbers, the bottom only numbers.

    QWERTY keyboard, hinged cover:

    2 kb of memory!

    Different operating modes:
    1. The diary. Here you can take notes indicating the time at which a sound reminder will sound. The sound is rather quiet, of course there are no vibro-functions, so there is a high probability of missing a signal on the street. Although, I manage to skip calls with vibro. But overall, in my opinion, a useful feature. Records can be kept in Latin or Cyrillic. A separate P / A button switches the layout.

    2. Phone / Notepad - basically the same thing. The text is written in the upper line, in the lower figure. Separation is done in order to separate records with telephone numbers from other records. One entry is limited to 36 characters on the top line and 36 numbers on the bottom.

    3. Time / World time. Allows you to switch between local time and world time. There are 30 cities, everyone will find something to their liking. The local time mode is indicated by an * in front of the city name. Daylight saving time is also available (indicated by the # symbol before the day of the week) and an alarm clock. The time can be displayed in both  24-hour and  12-hour format.

    4. The calculator. The usual calculator. With the ability to use a memory cell.

    The most interesting in my opinion is the ability to record confidential information with a password. At one time, it was very pleasant to realize that your notes are well protected, and no one will read them, even if you take this book from you.
    Entries made in normal mode are not visible in password mode.
    enter password
    It is powered by two CR2025 batteries.
    Lithium battery cr2025

    To get to them you need to unscrew very small and uncomfortable screws.
    battery cover mount

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