DiHalt 2010 Results


    Last weekend, DiHalt 2010 took place on the outskirts of Nizhny Novgorod - Russia's first demoparty in the open air! There were many doubts about the format, the risks of bad weather and a banal technical file ... The weather did not disappoint, people arrived and the demoscene celebration took place “perfectly”!

    Results , photographs and works are available for download and viewing in a comfortable home environment. Both the quantity and quality of work this year exceeded all the wildest expectations (a total of 86 works in 15 nominations). I strongly suggest you spend a little Monday’s working hours viewing the best examples of the modern Russian demoscene.

    This year, the PC 64k intro compo was especially successful. Five excellent works, each in its technique and style is unique!

    First Place: MOZoG by mayhem

    Second Place: ino by Quite

    Third Place: Safe Colors by SandS

    A separate holiday on the street of fans ZX Spectrum! The unprecedented scope of gfx compo , three demos, 512b intro and a lot of great AY music. The main surprise was the novelty of the year - the ZX Beeper music contest (1bit music synthesized on the speaker) that collected 6 tracks. A complete overview of the old-school part of DiHalt 2010 is available here .

    Part of the work of DiHalt 2010 was imbued with the spirit of Mikhail Boyarsky. This could not but affect the results of the Handdraw Graphics compo, where Raynoa won a landslide victory with mustache:


    Excellent demo, excellent releases - many thanks to the organizers! Half the summer has already passed, but the final chord is ahead - Chaos Constructions 2010. See you in St. Petersburg!

    PS: ftp.scene.org has not yet pleased us with efficiency, so there are three main sources of work with DiHalt:
    UPD: Note on DiHalt 2010 in the new issue of F5 Magazine (p. 16)

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