20 new free courses at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, March 2015


    In this review, we will talk about free courses of the Microsoft MVA virtual academy , which will be useful for both professional software and IT pro developers and beginners. Some courses offer free preparation for official certification exams. Please note that the video player on the site for a number of courses that are created in English contains the ability to enable Russian subtitles.

    Hit! Microsoft Azure Basics

    As part of this first course, you will learn why Microsoft Azure exists and what problems it solves for young and Fortune 500 companies. You will also learn some general concepts related to implementing Microsoft Azure. You will then learn about Microsoft accounts, organization accounts, Azure accounts, subscriptions, Azure Active Directory, users, subscription roles, and organization roles, as well as typical administration tasks.

    Hit! Microsoft Azure for PHP Developers

    The goal of this course is to help students master Microsoft Azure in the context of launching PHP applications. The course goes beyond the basic knowledge, affects both small solutions and large ones, scalable to hundreds of machines.

    Hit!Deploying Linux VMs in Microsoft Azure

    As an IT professional, would you like to know what Microsoft offers for Linux-based and FreeBSD-based infrastructure-as-a-service solutions running on Microsoft Azure? Or how do you transfer your existing Linux-based infrastructure as a service solutions from your private cloud to Azure? Microsoft Technical Advocate Oguz Pastirmaci tells you everything in detail.

    Hit! David Chappel: Cloud DevCamp

    As an enterprise developer, have you wondered about the why and how of Microsoft Azure? If you're cloud-aware but not cloud-practiced, this Cloud Dev Camp has a wealth of information for you! Get the guidance you need to help your organization start to build, deploy, and move websites, mobile apps,

    Walk with renowned expert David Chappell through the most common Azure scenarios, and explore reasons behind the industry-wide adoption of public cloud platforms. Plus, see the knowledgeable Bret Stateham demo new Azure features and services. Find out how to use practically any language, framework, or tool to create amazing apps and services that work across all devices. Now's your chance to get cloud-ready!

    Hit! DirectX Game Development: Animations and Advanced Gaming AI

    Hooked on C ++ / DirectX game development? It's a steep learning curve, that's for sure, but it's so worth it! Roll up your sleeves, and join experts Bryan Griffiths and Mickey MacDonald, as they explore the wow factor through advanced game development! Expand upon the prototype from the previous courses in the serieswith new gameplay, artificial intelligence (AI), and animations.

    In this Jump Start training, learn to add more depth to the overall game, increase your understanding of project potential, and decide where to go from here, as you assess game features, explore testing / verification, and consider situational awareness.

    See other courses in the DirectX game development series .

    Hit! DirectX Game Development: Blending and Models

    You've explored skyboxes and porting DX 11 to 11.2 , and you've played with sounds and shaders . How about a look at blending and models? Take the next step in game development, and learn how easy it is to implement blending techniques and to add features to your game engine.

    Watch as experts Bryan Griffiths and Mickey MacDonald continue their C ++ / DirectX game development series with a deep dive into atmospheric effects, transparency, and third-party model importing, using the basic loader framework from Microsoft. They even look at new opportunities for students and professionals, in this popular course.

    See other courses in the DirectX game development series .

    Hit! Beginners. Creating an Application Using App Studio

    The course will introduce the student to an interesting tool for creating App Studio applications, as well as talk about the features of App Studio created in order to learn how to quickly and easily create their own applications for the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 platforms. To create an application in App Studio, the student does not need to have programming knowledge.

    Hit! Certification Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database Queries

    This course is designed for IT professionals already familiar with the basics of databases and SQL Server who want to increase their knowledge in this area. This course will also help prepare for Exam 70-461 , an important part of MCSA Certification : SQL Server.. This course provides an opportunity to better understand the process and learn how to retrieve, insert and update information in the database. You will also learn about instructions for processing data and modifying tables, and learn some practical examples.

    Hit! Certification Designing Solutions for SQL Server Databases

    Are you preparing for Exam 70-465: Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server ? This course offers the help you need. A team of experts walks you through key design considerations and recommendations for SQL Server data solutions. Take a look at managing a SQL Server environment, along with helpful tools. Explore database security, backup and recovery solutions, and high availability. Plus, explore database troubleshooting and maintenance.

    Hit! Certification Development with Microsoft SQL Server Databases

    Would you like to learn how to implement a database in SQL Server 2014? Or are you studying for Microsoft Certification Exam 70-464: Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases ? This course can help. Experts take you through tables, indexes, stored procedures, and other database objects. Learn about techniques for designing indexes, managing transactions, and optimizing performance and concurrency. And get troubleshooting tips and best practices.

    Hit! Certification MTA 98-375 HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals exam preparation

    If you are taking the MTA 98-375 HTML5 Design Fundamentals Exam, this HTML-based tutorial will help you prepare. Start by discussing exam expectations and frequently asked questions about the process itself. Then explore the initial concepts of Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. For more information on HTML basics and passing the exam, be sure to take this course.

    New! Using Entity Framework with ASP.NET MVC

    How can Entity Framework (EF) simplify your work? Find out from Adam Tuliper and Christopher Harrison, in this Web Wednesdayscourse. Almost every website you create is a front-end to a database. So managing that data effectively is key to the success, flexibility, and performance of your application. Plus, a robust object / relational mapping (ORM) tool is critical. This is why EF is such a must-have for developers.

    Learn what EF 6 is, investigate how it can create databases for you, and find out how to manage that creation. Dig into advanced topics, like managing transactions and integrating stored procedures. And get a look forward into the improvements coming in EF 7. If you're using data (and you are!) Check out this course.

    New! Quick Start: Designing an Architecture with a Web API

    Have questions about ASP.NET Web API? Whether you're brand new to the framework or you want to take your design to the next level, this course has the answers! Experts Christopher Harrison and Jeremy Likness walk you through Web API technology, uses, and nuances. See how the toolset makes it easy to build consumable RESTful services, accessible by a variety of clients from myriad platforms.

    Get a good look at token-based security features, route attributes, error handling, and versioning. See why it is the ideal way to surface APIs that target browsers and mobile devices. Hear details on how you can easily use the built-in Visual Studio templates or explore customization, design, and implementation. Check out this informative and practical Web Wednesdays event!

    New!Application Performance Monitoring

    Would you like an overview of the application performance monitoring (APM) solutions Microsoft has to offer for Operations and Development teams? Look no further. APM solutions offer your teams true insight into their applications. Watch expert Morgan Webb step through Application Insights and System Center Operations Manager to explain these solutions, along with their integration with Visual Studio. Get a full picture of Microsoft end-to-end monitoring options and our strategy going forward to cater for true hybrid cloud application monitoring.

    New! Conquering Android and iOS with Enterprise Mobility Suite

    Watch the demo from Kevin Remde and Simon May for an informative and high-level demonstration of new mobile capabilities that simplify and increase the flexibility of recovery, security, and identity management functions. They learn balanced, user-oriented (but highly secure) mobile device management policies and work with tools you've already used in the past, such as SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and Microsoft Intune.

    New! Windows 10 Technical Preview Basics for IT Professionals

    See how leading Windows 10 Enterprise product managers introduce you to the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Learn about new user interface improvements, evolving management and deployment processes, and listen to new information on how security improvements in Windows 10 will help your company better respond to current security threats.

    New! Debugging a Website Using Internet Explorer F12 Tools

    Take this course to learn how to debug your website using Internet Explorer F12! Experts will show how to use these tools to quickly find out why a website or webpage is not working properly. Learn the standards and learn how to create a great website that runs on any device and browser. Learn from experts how to optimize a page, check it in different browsers and much more!

    New! Monitoring solutions with System Center Operations Manager

    Are you up to speed on System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager (SCOM)? SCOM can monitor everything in the datacenter, from physical hardware to hypervisors to virtual machines to applications.

    Learn how SCOM monitoring works, and get best practices to optimize your infrastructure's reliability and performance reporting. Then, select the modules for workloads in your own datacenter that you want to monitor with Operations Manager, including Windows Server, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, App Controller, Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager, Orchestrator, Service Manager, Linux and UNIX, and Microsoft Azure.

    New! Development of universal Windows applications with Cortana and Speech SDK

    Want to add Cortana to your app? Whether you're into speech integration technology for accessibility, social responsibility, or gaming (or all of the above!), You're probably excited about the possibilities that Cortana offers for Windows Phone developers today and Windows 10 app developers in the near future . Mobility pioneer Nick Landry and popular author / teacher Jeremy Foster share their practical experience in computer speech technologies and mobile app development scenarios.

    Explore the why and how of speech apps, tour Cortana, and review the capabilities of the Speech SDK in Windows and Windows Phone. Work with speech synthesis, look at integrating Cortana into your app, check out voice commands, and find out how to build speech-enabled mobile apps with Visual Studio for Windows devices. You'd be surprised at what you can do with as little as three lines of code!

    New! Office 365 users using PowerShell

    Join us in this fast-paced demo to learn how to manage Office 365 users using PowerShell. Experts show you how to create and delete users, update user IDs and passwords, assign licenses and groups, and much more.

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