First Apple Watch Sex Toy

    The shelf of “smart” toys for adults has arrived: the new unit can be controlled not only from smartphones, but also from “smart” watches. On the project page on Indiegogo, developers note that this is the first sex toy running Apple Watch .

    For three days, the project scored twice the amount needed. All copies for the "early birds" for thirty-nine dollars have already been sold out. But the goal of the campaign is not money, but feedback from potential customers.


    Vibrator Blush Bullet Vibe can do everything that the best sex toys can do, allowing you to create your own patterns, download ready-made ones or synchronize his “behavior” with your favorite music. You can turn on the microphone if, for example, at a concert of your favorite rock band - then the vibration will adjust to the sounds of the environment.

    You can control the toy from mobile devices running iOS and Android. There are two control modes: for the near radius - communication with the gadget is done via Bluetooth, and for long distances - via the Internet. When paired, you can synchronize devices to feel the same vibrations. It is important to be careful when working with toys in public places .

    In the flexible “tail” of the device is a bluetooth antenna. The shell of the gadget is made of one hundred percent silicone. The battery lasts for one and a half to two hours of continuous operation. One of the main advantages of the device developers include quiet operation .

    Management with the Apple Watch involves working both with the force of vibration and with its direction - the watch’s accelerometer is used.



    Such opportunities were not realized for the first time: Oh My Bod was connected to the iPod in 2007, and the Comingle Arduino dildo with Wii Nunchuck controller allows you to control it with an accelerometer and is able to respond to video chat - the faster the partner moves, the faster the vibrator works.

    Oh my bod

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