DevCon 2015 Conference: The Internet of Things in the World of Living Code

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    In preparation for DevCon 2015, we are ready to share with you what awaits the participants at the conference. In this post, I’ll talk about how, for the first time in DevCon’s history, we’ll introduce the history of the Internet of Things (IoT).

    But first, I present to you a cool animated video “Welcome to the World of Live Code at DevCon 2015!”.

    The Internet of Things has already become a hot topic and interest in IoT technologies is only growing. Below you will find the details of the DevCon 2015 Internet of Things program.


    Many conference reports will contain a description of the technologies that somehow underlie the Internet of things or help to work with the huge amount of data that IoT generates. I especially draw your attention to the report of Robert Eichenzer and Alexander Belotserkovsky , which is entirely devoted to the topic.

    speaker photo speaker photo

    In the speech “ Internet of Things in the real world: A customer use case from the manufacturing industry ”, my colleagues will tell the story of the Internet of things with concrete examples from life. Conference participants will learn how to build and effectively use the Internet of things solutions in industry and beyond.

    Master Class

    iotApart from the main program, Robert Eichenzer will hold a deep master class for several hours entirely devoted entirely to the topic of the Internet of things. Here is a description of the master class from the author:

    A comprehensive look at the Internet of Things
    IoT; An End-To-End View

    Microsoft offers a complete set of client and server services and technologies for solving problems and challenges that arise today in the world of the Internet of Things.

    As part of this workshop, you will create a complete IoT solution using a set of microcontrollers integrated by cloud services such as Azure Event Hubs. You will explore the possibilities and flexibility of using the Azure Stream Analytics data processing service to study the data received in real time (data in motion) and to store them for subsequent analytical processing (data in the storage). We will also try to implement a control channel for remote control over the actions of the microcontroller.

    IoT Night Hackathon

    And finally, in the evening and night of the first day of the conference, a traditional night hackathon will be held and this time it will be entirely devoted to the topic of the Internet of things.

    As part of this hackathon, participants breaking into teams with their own hands will be able to build solutions based on microcontrollers, sensors and cloud services. We will offer the participant right on the site the opportunity to personally try IoT in practice.

    We will share the details of the hackathon later, stay tuned!

    Internet of Things at DevCon 2015

    This year, for the first time, we will present the rich history of the Internet of Things at DevCon 2015. You can listen, watch and even try to build real IoT solutions yourself. Join now!

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    Want to speak at DevCon 2015?

    DevCon 2015 is not only an opportunity to obtain relevant knowledge on Microsoft products and technologies, but also a unique chance to speak at the main technology development conference. If you want to share your knowledge, you can apply to the organizers .

    About DevCon 2015

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