How to become a good programmer?

    Dear habrozuery, I know that you like more tasty little posts than thoughts and all sorts of different questions, polls. But for many months now I have a headache from the same question - how to become a good programmer (I will describe below what I mean). The question is this:

    Since childhood, I became interested in creating sites. From the 6th grade I made the first website for my school, learned HTML and inserted various ready-made Java Scripts into my small sites. He began to buy useful literature and learn CSS and HTML. Later, in the 9th grade, he studied programming in Delphi. I won’t indicate school pascal - they all passed.

    Then, all the same, I scored on this matter, spent several years doing business and decided to recall my youth and go to study at the Computer Academy. He spent two and a half years training as a web designer. C ++ programming was not given to me at all, no matter how much I tried to smoke it, it didn’t work. But I really liked the php, especially at that time I was captured by the output from the information databases and began to develop in this direction. I made a website on my engine for one client (which I wrote from the books of our programmers) - an online catalog, invested half a year in promotion. The site began to make a profit, moreover, and I began to do business again, scoring on programming.

    In short, I returned to training several times and yesterday I again enrolled in annual courses on the study of PCP, Zenda and a whole list of innovations in programming.

    Why the question was: How to become a good programmer?
    I can copy the code and change it, spy on how someone does it and do the same, sometimes add simple scripts, but to create some kind of programming tool is really hard for me. That is, there are people who come up with formulas of medicines, and there are those who simply copy their formulas and repeat ready-made open truths from a textbook.

    When I went for an interview with a PCP programmer, they gave me such simple tasks for logic (and I kind of have it) and PHP which I had to solve myself without the Internet. Well, who got a job and takes a job in the course about the tasks that it is customary to ask at interviews. I even downloaded the book of these ready-made puzzles and tried to memorize - but at work I could no longer remember the small details and failed.

    Many people cannot become 3D designers due to the lack of a certain “visual way of thinking” (I don’t know how to say it correctly). They represent figures and objects in their heads and see them differently than the rest of which good models can do in the same 3D max.

    Is it really the same in programming? If now it is not possible to solve simple logic problems with basic knowledge of PCP, then I can not become a real artist but only a copycat?

    Did you go through this and if so then share your experience, I will be very grateful!
    How did you get from a beginner to a developer?

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