Paypal comes to Belarus and Moldova

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    PayPal announced plans to launch its services in ten new markets. In the coming days, residents of Belarus, Moldova, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Macedonia, Monaco, Nigeria, Paraguay and Montenegro will be able to open PayPal accounts and start making payments on millions of sites around the world without having to enter bank card details.

    We are glad that today the residents of Belarus receive a convenient and simple solution for making purchases via the Internet. We are constantly working on finding new promising markets and we are very flattered to read every day about how people around the world welcome the emergence of PayPal in new countries, because we are doing our best for this ”PayPal regional director in Russia and Belarus.

    Vladimir Malyugin,
    Regional Director of PayPal in Russia and Belarus.

    Most likely, at first the accounts will not be able to accept payments. Those who have open accounts in Lithuania or Russia will have to close them and register new ones. For:
    In accordance with the regulations governing banking activities, you cannot change the address of the country other than that indicated when opening the account. If you are moving abroad, you will need to close your existing account and then open a new one. If you live in two countries, then you can use two PayPal accounts.
    A source

    At the time of the publication of the post, neither Belarus nor Moldova was in the list of countries allowed for registration .

    The original news is here.

    According to PayPal, journalist specified that Belarusians still cannot register in the service. “The PayPal service will be available to residents of Belarus in the coming days. We will also inform you that registration is open, ”the company representative said.

    UPD2: Registration is open!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    For residents of Belarus. What country is your working Paypal account registered in?

    • 36.6% Russia 149
    • 44.4% Lithuania 181
    • 6.6% US 27
    • 12.2% Another country (write in the comments) 50

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