Watch the webcast tomorrow at 10:00: Cross-platform development with Visual Studio 2015

    The preliminary version of Visual Studio 2015 has incorporated a number of new products that are likely to interest a large number of developers. We continue a series of online events where you can learn more about the features of this product.
    Microsoft represents the future of .NET on all platforms, including Linux and Mac, the preview version of the new Visual Studio 2015 , as well as new cross-platform development capabilities, including the Android emulator, cross-platform C ++ development, advanced Xamarin integration and support, and much more.

    Connect to our online broadcast March 4, 2015 at 10:00 (GMT) !

    As part of a one-day online broadcast, you will learn:

    • About ASP.NET5, which now allows you to develop for all popular platforms.
    • Cross-platform development capabilities for iOS, Android and Windows.
    • Developer Toolkit Features for Windows Azure.
    • About the new in application lifecycle management, development and testing, DevOps methodology, which appeared along with Visual Studio 2015.
    • On the effective work with the Visual Studio IDE and C ++ development.
    • About Roslyn's Next Generation Managed Programming Languages ​​and Compilers

    See you on the online broadcast!

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