Weekly build Vivaldi


    A new week - and a new test assembly under the number This time, the developers focused on tabs, working with bookmarks, as well as improving the quality of localizations in terms of using the singular or plural. So, about this and much more in more detail - below.

    In this assembly, we added one of the functions most requested by users - tab docking. When this option is activated, the tab will move to the left edge of the tab bar, and the tab itself will be reduced to the size of the site icon. In this case, the cross of closing the tab will naturally disappear.

    Some changes were made in the work of the tabs themselves. Now, if you turned off the display of page thumbnails when you hover over the tab, only the site title will be displayed. Similar hints will be available on grouped tabs. Also in the tooltips additional information will be displayed - for example, the number of tabs in a group or the status of the tab lock function.

    Now about the changes regarding bookmarks. We redid the pop-up dialog box for creating bookmarks, unifying it with similar elements in the bookmarks bar.

    Another small, but hopefully convenient addition to the download bar. Starting with this assembly, you can see the progress of downloading files displayed directly on the panel icon, so information about ongoing downloads will be visible even when the sidebar is minimized.

    In the new assembly, you can try another frequently requested function - spatial navigation. It is carried out using the Shift + arrow keys. The function is still very testable, so be prepared for any surprises :) The

    new assembly has been replenished with new localizations, the total number of which has reached 35. It should be noted that seven languages ​​from this list are supported only in Vivaldi and are absent in Chromium. Today we added the following browser interface languages:

    • Croatian
    • Korean
    • Vietnamese
    • Norwegian (Nynorsk)
    • Ido

    You can end this brief overview of the innovations, below are the links to download the Vivaldi browser for various platforms.

    Note: remember that the 64-bit version for Windows is very experimental :)

    Detailed list of changes:

    • VB-3789 “Add Bookmark” dialog functionality
    • VB-3775 Update preshipped bookmark thumbnails
    • VB-3658 Find in page highlighting not cleared when search bar gets closed
    • VB-2822 PPAPI Flash version not recognized
    • VB-2716 Cannot open task manager from BTS
    • VB-1919 Search engine toggle needs work
    • VB-3857 Turning full screen mode for video takes awful long time 5+ sec
    • VB-3841 Strange “0” came back on settings window
    • VB-3751 Use SHIFT + Arrows for spatial navigation
    • VB-3103 When dragging a tab, if the mouse cursor moves out of the address bar, the tab gets stuck.
    • VB-2785 Hide navigation bar, integrate address bar in quick commands. [USER OPTION]
    • VB-2624 Bookmark indicator animates on tab switch
    • VB-2574 Added some privacy settings
    • VB-2518 cmd + w closes window instead of current tab
    • VB-1539 Ctrl + Enter should implement www. adress complete feature
    • VB-3908 Trashed Tabs don't Remember Position
    • VB-3872 Add button in the speed dial is clickable
    • VB-3788 Installer doesn't respect given destination folder
    • VB-3750 Trying to open settings doesn't focus existing settings window
    • VB-3459 Can't write in form
    • VB-1960 Activate “Add to Speed ​​dial button” when there is a valid URL
    • VB-459 Implement pinned tabs
    • VB-3966 Fallback to system tooltips in tabs
    • VB-3893 Double clicking note should open associated URL
    • VB-3868 Add “Card Style” design to Add Bookmark dialog & Bookmark manager
    • VB-3858 Some strings are shown untranslated
    • VB-2712 Password-callout makes crash after login into disqus comment system
    • VB-1861 Active download indicator in the panel
    • VB-1453 Place panel toggle in the status field

    This assembly is a candidate for the next Technical Preview, which we will release a little later, so we are waiting for you to receive messages about found errors that you can send on this page .

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