Dell PowerEdge Cinema Content Provider Solutions

    On the pages of our blog, we talk about cooperation with a variety of companies and organizations - from local online stores to world-famous universities. Alas, most of these cases describe working with foreign partners, but sometimes interesting examples come across in Russia. Today is just such a case. The hero of our new story is the company CineLAB , which is engaged in the rental of filming equipment, film processing, digital post-production, satellite-based delivery of video content and many other interesting tasks in the "cinema" world.

    CineLAB delivers digital content to hundreds of movie theaters across Russia. The company sends data via satellite to its server located in the client’s cinema, and only then these data are transferred to the client’s video server for broadcasting. Needless to say, CineLAB equipment must always be in working condition - otherwise the company risks permanently ruining its relationship with a partner. Any instability can lead to the termination of the contract and huge losses, and in the long run - a damaged reputation and weakening market position. Anton Torkunov, head of the CineLAB IT department, admits that the company takes a very balanced approach to choosing server solution providers - too much depends on them.

    When it was time for CineLAB to upgrade its IT infrastructure, Anton decided to call Dell for help. Both companies have previously collaborated and even deployed Dell PowerEdge server solutions in Russian cinemas. Performance of machines and service support of Dell Anton and his team were completely satisfied, but it was necessary to familiarize themselves with the offers of competitors. There were not so many of them: the only reasonable alternative was the Supermicro solution, but after analyzing the ratio of performance and price, the choice was obvious. As a result, CineLAB's IT department settled on Dell servers.

    The equipment that was installed in Russian cinemas included Dell PowerEdge R520 and R580 servers with Intel Xeon processors. They fully provided all the needs of client cinemas, had sufficient performance and had all the necessary options. The PowerEdge R520 guaranteed redundant input and output bandwidth for demanding applications, and the PowerEdge R580 offered up to 3 TB of scalable memory. Anton Torkunov notes: “When we first started using Dell PowerEdge servers, we were guided only by the recommendations of a company called Smartjog, a provider of systems for the secure transfer of content via satellite. I must admit that we are grateful to her: for two years of using Dell PowerEdge solutions, we were able to significantly increase the volume of data transfer. "

    In addition to server performance, CineLAB also appreciates Dell support. The company presents several bundled services: ProSupport Plus, which offers server maintenance from the first day of operation, as well as Next Business Day Onsite Service for repair and replacement of hardware. CineLAB IT department specialists communicate directly with Dell's technical account manager, whose task is to minimize server downtime and help the client. Anton Torkunov noted the flexibility of Dell technical support and the willingness to offer the optimal service package that would meet the specifics of CineLAB business. Working with one technical account manager allows you to carefully control the time of server maintenance:

    Today, CineLAB continues to expand its data services — and not without the help of Dell technology. The company managed to establish strong relationships with customers and sign several new agreements with other Russian cinemas. The market is aware of the high quality of CineLAB services and the performance of their servers, which store data transmitted via satellite. Thanks to Dell, the company provides customers with reliable equipment and first-class service. Not surprisingly, CineLAB partners are pleased with the collaboration.

    Regardless of the location of the client, the company can quickly provide technical support. This is a very important condition, especially for Russian cinemas - do not forget about the size of the country. When customers see that the location does not matter to obtain the proper level of service, this becomes almost the decisive factor when concluding a partnership agreement. The Dell Next Business Day Onsite Service program is ready to provide timely server service in any movie theater in the country.

    Another important advantage of the Dell service is a convenient system for monitoring all repair and maintenance activities - the account manager of the support service monthly draws up a report and sends it to the CineLAB IT department. The report provides information on all incidents that occurred with Dell servers during the month, analyzes their consequences and the time taken to resolve it. In addition, the support service maintains records of equipment and promptly provides information on the duration of its warranty. This allows you to make the work of the company's IT department more efficient.

    In the near future, CineLAB plans to expand cooperation with Dell and deploy storage facilities to support other areas - post-production and color correction. One such solution should be the Dell Compellent SC4020 hybrid platform with the option of storing data on flash memory. Without false modesty, we want to say that a wide range of Dell solutions will easily help the company maintain its market position and gain the trust of partners. And the CineLAB case confirms this.

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