Announcement of the second meeting of Java User Group Sevastopol

    Good afternoon!

    JUG - Java User Group, meetings JUG.SEV - a discussion of various technologies from the Java world, the exchange of experience, as well as just interesting communication in Sevastopol! We regularly hold JUG.SEV meetings with lectures by Java experts on the most interesting topics.
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    We invite all java developers to the second meeting of JUG.SEV!


    Program of the meeting:

    1. Vladimir Ivanov from Oracle with a report on the topic:

    Dynamic (JIT) compilation in JVM

    Java abstracts a large number of technical details about the platform on which the Java application runs. The Java platform makes extensive use of dynamic compilation in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Dynamic (Just-In-Time) compilation improves performance by translating Java bytecode into machine code while the application is running. The principle of operation is significantly different from statistical compilers and for obtaining high-performance code, the JVM uses a different set of compilation techniques.

    The report will describe the general principles of dynamic compilation and its features as applied to Java. A review of JIT compilers in the HotSpot JVM will include a review of tools and techniques for analyzing their work (from high-level solutions to machine code) and diagnosing problems.

    2. Alexey Korobeinikov from Naumen with a report:

    Tools for working with multithreading in Java.

    The report will discuss the basic tools and principles of working with multithreading in Java, knowing that you can both independently develop multithreaded applications without unnecessary nerves, and better understand the frameworks with which you work.

    3. Fedor Medvedev from Naumen with a report:

    Do not resist. Analysts are your friends!

    Let's talk about the interaction of developers with analysts and managers. About how to make interaction productive, how to share powers and responsibilities, how to constructively resolve conflicts to mutual satisfaction and benefit for the customer, how to ask questions correctly and answer them.

    4. Lightning talks
    Lightning talks is a series of five-minute reports, you can apply for them at any time, at least 5 minutes before the start. Presentation is optional, but desirable. The topic of the talk is limited only to Java, you can talk about, for example, a recently discovered framework or a problem that you recently solved.
    Lightning talks is a great way to try yourself as a speaker. Therefore, we are waiting for your application for a report on lightning talks.

    5. Afterparty - barbecue and Crimean wine.

    Participation is free, do not forget to register !

    We are waiting for you on March 14 at 13.00 in the Sloboda technological entrepreneurship center (49a Geroev Stalingrada ave.)

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