A little about the important: 7 ways to "impregnate" the goal or how to set goals in order to achieve them

    In anticipation of the online conference PRO + SKILLS, we asked the conference speakers to write useful articles on the topics of reports. Last week came out:

    And today it's time to talk about goal setting. We asked our good friend Philip Guzeniuk, the famous business coach and author of the project “Happiness in Activities” to write an article. And here is what came of it:

    7 ways of “impregnating” the goal: how to set goals in order to achieve them (Philip Guzeniuk, partner of the Coaching Institute (St. Petersburg))

    What is “target impregnation"? This is the process of translating a goal from a state of “yes, there is a goal” or “a cool idea !!” or “I wish I could !!” into the state "I know it will be."

    As a result of impregnation with a target, it “becomes a part of me”, “falls from head to body”, begins to feel like “mine”, the world begins to “lead me to the goal”, “necessary opportunities” come and the iron confidence “I don’t know how, but I know EXACTLY - it will be. ”

    A psychologist would say that the goal moves from the conscious level to the subconscious and turns into a filter of our perception.

    Everyone is like a whale. As a whale passes plankton through its mustache, we pass the world through filters of its needs, values, beliefs, goals and select the necessary information from it.

    Having become saturated with the goal, we begin to subconsciously, naturally and without any efforts to “filter” the surrounding world for the availability of opportunities to achieve it. And it seems to us that they come as if by themselves.

    Any accidents turn into signs that suggest something valuable about how to achieve the goal. “Necessary people”, whom we would not have noticed before, start to “appear” and help us, etc. ...

    You understand what I mean.

    In 2006, I took a two-year training at the Coaching Institute of St. Petersburg. A very serious program. All in an adult way - 24 full-fledged two-day trainings in 2 years. And, of course, work with goals occupied one of the leading places in this program.

    We learned to set goals for ourselves. Helping your customers set goals. They set personal goals and working goals. They set goals for individuals, for project teams and for entire companies. There was a lot of practice.

    When I started working with clients, I noticed that a person can formulate an excellent goal, it will inspire him. He will be delighted. He will try to do something. But in the end, this goal "will not take root," will remain in the category of Wishlist or failed dreams.

    Each surgeon has his own cemetery. After a series of unsuccessful experiments, it became very interesting why this happens, why people abandon their goals. It turned out there are 3 reasons.

    Firstly, this is how life is arranged - some goals are simply not destined to come true.

    Secondly, some goals were not set correctly, did not take into account the psychology of man, his capabilities, the context of his life.

    Thirdly ... (and this turned out to be the most important point), people did not organize for themselves the correct period for target impregnation. People set the goal as something unchanged, fixed in their business plan (sacred tablets), and did not give themselves the opportunity to adapt to it, to become saturated with this goal, to correct and modify it based on the reality surrounding them.

    Then I began to pay more attention to the period that follows the goal setting. He began to look for ways not only to formulate a goal, but to make it so that it became “native” with maximum probability. I realized in practice that the task is not only to stick a seedling into the ground, but also to provide the young tree with proper care: watering, sunlight, heat, nutrients.

    As with gardening, there are no 100% ready-made recipes. It all depends on a large number of factors, but there are a number of technologies and approaches that have shown their effectiveness over the years of further work.

    Here are seven such approaches that you can do on your own without the help of a personal consultant.

    How to soak up the target?

    There are many ways - here are seven of them that seem the most interesting and suitable for different people.

    Method 1: “Refrigerator Effect”

    A friend of mine from Samara said that for many years he has been writing down all his goals in short formulations, hanging them on the refrigerator, and they magically come true.

    2 years ago I tried it. I did it too. The financial goal of increasing revenues by 3 times has become a reality for six months. Since then, I always use the "refrigerator effect" to work with goals.

    What should be done?

    To write down your goal briefly, in a positive (without no), with a specific date, in the present tense - as if it had already become a reality.

    Hang it on the fridge.

    Re-reading the text before each opening and closing of the refrigerator - so you also lose weight - a joke! Re-reading the text so often is not necessary :)

    I don’t know why this works, but the feeling is this: when the goal is simply written down on a piece of paper and lies somewhere on the table, uncertainty arises inside - “either is”, “or not”, but when on the refrigerator it is REINFORCED CONCRETE! “I know for sure - I have such a goal!” Some kind of life-affirming clarity and confidence appears - you are saturated with a goal.

    Often they ask - "but can not the refrigerator?". It is possible, but it’s still more reliable on the refrigerator :))

    Method 2: "Enter Image"

    This method is about right now "becoming" the one who has already achieved this goal. Enter the image, as actors do.

    What for?

    From the “I'm already there” state, you begin to act accordingly and get the corresponding results. It’s as if you are adjusting to the way of thinking, the way of actions of a person who has successfully reached the goal.

    How to do it?

    ONCE: in detail, in paints, imagine that you have already reached your goal.

    They have already grown stunning zucchini in the garden of their new home, have already climbed Mount Everest, have already handed over to the black belt for cross-stitching, etc ...

    How does it look? What does it look like? How will you behave? How to dress? Who to chat with? What items will appear in your daily routine?

    TWO: find the little things, small details that will help you enter the image, get used to the role. Choose something that you can easily reproduce for yourself here and now.

    Inexpressibly beautiful chopper for the garden, nickel-plated safety hook, a new set of sewing needles - anything that will fill you with a feeling - “here I have already done it.”

    THREE: organize these small attributes for yourself now and rehearse your behavior in the state “I have already reached my goal”. Play it like a game, try on like a suit.

    Method 3: Draw Your Purpose

    This method is suitable for those who think in images and love to draw pictures. You need to create a visual image - a picture, a picture, a collage of your goal or a bunch of goals for next year.

    Use your favorite materials - colored pencils, felt-tip pens, oil, gouache, clippings from your favorite magazines, photo collage in Photoshop. A small sculptural group of your favorite objects is also suitable.

    Anything that will help you create a vivid, meaningful image of the goal. The task is to make the picture please you.

    And remember !!! This is just a game - you, as a child, build your goal from cubes or draw it on a piece of paper.

    It’s good if your art object then occupies a prominent place in the house so that you can periodically return to it and add or change any part.

    Method 4: The Allied Team

    This method is for those who like to discuss everything with friends. For those who understand: we are not separate islands in this world ocean - we are all interconnected.

    To become saturated with a goal, you need to tell a few acquaintances about it in colors. Three to five people - for a start a very good amount.

    First, you should choose the people who will support you. If not actively and actively, then at least with a kind word or simply they will listen without criticism. Having talked with several people, you will feel that your goal has "strengthened", overgrown with details and details, filled with different points of view.

    After this, you can, if you want, go to the second level of the game. Share your goal with those who are likely to criticize it. Share with them in a playful way: “Well, find 10 reasons why this is complete nonsense, it is absolutely impossible and will never work!”

    And add up their criticisms and cons. Moreover, you can actively encourage them, saying: "Well, yes, well, yes, this is of course a reasonable argument, but something more substantial is needed."

    Your task is to be silent, breathe, and wind it all up. Get your food for thought and turn the “against” arguments into a crash test for your purpose: sweep away something, take into account something, think about something, and adjust the goal somewhere.

    Method 5: Collect the “piggy bank of signs”

    This game is a bit like drawing a goal, but there is a significant difference. The whole point here is not a beautiful picture, but a magical search.

    How to organize it?

    The coming week is declared "magic week." From now on, everything that happens to you is a clue. Advice from the “good world” regarding your goal. Your task is to be an attentive and thoughtful student - that is, to collect and decode all the clues and signs that the world sends you.

    Someone can do this in the form of a goal diary, recording all the hints and details in it, someone will collect the same pictures, someone will discuss the signs with friends, colleagues, a loved one.

    Any methods that are comfortable for you are good. The essence of the idea is to listen carefully to the world, finding the necessary clues, as in a quest, and thus strengthen and germinate your goal.

    Method 6: Focus Attention

    The point here is to “filter” reality through the “sieve” of your goal.

    What do we have to do?

    Find calm and relaxed 5 minutes: a morning cup of something hot, daily evening planning, the first minutes at your desk, the moment before a morning run or exercise, while the car is warming up in the yard.

    And start a tradition in these 5 minutes to re-read your goal and just reflect on it a little. Maybe some ideas will come to achieve it, maybe the wording will be adjusted, maybe you will look differently at your past or beginning day.

    Everything is fine here - in any case, your calm impregnation with the target will go on. You are in no hurry - you have a whole year ahead.

    Method 7: “Test Drive”

    Another way to impregnate a target is to take action.

    Take the first small steps: write a plan to achieve the goal, collect the necessary information on the Internet, talk with people who can help.

    There are people who always first test drive their goals: “set a goal that you like - find a way to start moving towards it within 24 hours, take a few steps, try -“ it goes or does not go ”,“ yours or not yours. "

    Thus, in just a few hours, you can get that clarity about the goal that you can’t get and in half a year of reflection - "mine - not mine?", "Do or not?"

    Which of these methods to choose?

    The one you want! The one that you like, the one that "smiles" to you.

    Seriously, your smile is the best hint for choosing a way to infiltrate your target.

    If any of them makes you have a burning desire to take and do, he directly asks for work, we take his darling.

    It should rather be not just another point of the plan: “do not forget to buy potatoes, carrots, fish for the cat on the market, soak up the target in the afternoon.” Rather, it should be an interesting game that you don’t need to remind yourself of, something that “warms you”.

    As an impregnation, experiments are welcomed - create your own unique cocktail, your mix, your vinaigrette from the methods listed in this article and season it with your own ingredients.

    What should I do right now?

    You can use the methods of “target impregnation” described in this article yourself in any area of ​​life.

    If you have a previous task - the task of articulating your goals - come to the workshop “My goals 2015: how to set the right goals for the year”.

    We will talk about how to correctly formulate your goals. Right in the process of speaking, you will be able to conduct an initial study of your goal for the year and draw up a draft version of the “target slide” for 2015.

    The report program:

    1. An integrated approach and 4 main dimensions when setting a goal for the year: how to take into account all the necessary ingredients in order for the goal to be lively, understandable and sustainable.

    2. Google’s OKR approach: how to formulate motivating and at the same time maximally specific goals.

    3. Examples and case studies from the leader’s practice: what works and what doesn’t - what mistakes it is important to avoid when setting goals.

    The report program: 15% of theory and 85% of examples from life and work with your real situation.

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