PHPCI updated to version 1.6

    The PHPCI continuous integration system has grown to version 1.6 ( review , upgrade to 1.3 ), and I would like to talk about the changes that have occurred since version 1.3.

    And so, the main list of changes in version 1.6:
    • Finally, support for SVN
    • Reworked the project summary widget on the control panel to add information about several recent builds
    • Widgets appeared in the UI for Codeception and Behat plugins
    • The system can now leave comments in merge requests on Github, noting errors detected during assembly
    • The Technical Debt plugin appeared (To fix technical debt in the project: search for TODO, FIXME, etc. marks)
    • Many bug fixes and minor improvements

    As well as the main changes released with versions 1.4 and 1.5 earlier:

    • Completely redesigned UI compared to version 1.3 (Admin LTE is now used for the UI)
    • Gulp plugin appeared (Javascript)
    • Added filtering of assemblies by branches on the project page
    • Added JSON web hook support for Github
    • Archiving plugin appeared in PHAR
    • Added the ability to silently install the system (for automatic installation)
    • Build status icon aligned with
    • Added variable% BRANCH% to plugins configuration
    • Localization of the system into various languages ​​has been added (at the moment the project has been translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Greek)
    • Added the ability to use the system without authentication in single user mode (for local use, use in corporate networks with its own authentication system, etc.)
    • A plugin for Slack notifications has appeared
    • Added support for Merge requests for Gitlab
    • PHP TAL template parsing plugin appeared
    • Implemented support for Gitlab version 5
    • Improved charts
    • And also again - bugs fixed and improvements made

    I would like to add on my own that I actively use PHPCI, and at the moment it almost completely meets my needs. The only major improvement that I am missing for complete happiness (to abandon TravisCI for my projects) is the assembly on various versions of PHP, but I believe that sooner or later this functionality will appear.

    Well, a few screenshots of the appearance at last:

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