New Release: Server Version 3CX WebMeeting

    The 3CX team , the developer of IP-PBX 3CX Phone System for Windows, is pleased to present a new release: the server-based, hosted on the organization’s network, 3CX WebMeeting Server.

    3CX WebMeeting Server is a fairly affordable and simple solution based on open standards. Focus 3CX WebMeeting is a small company that can now create high-definition video conferencing that will be available to every employee. One 3CX WebMeeting also enables global conferences bringing together employees and customers around the world. For companies with increased security requirements, complete control over their network and data is guaranteed.

    We will also tell you about other features of the product:

    Convenient web conferences on WebRTC technology

    3CX WebMeeting is one of the first multi-user web conferencing platforms using WebRTC technology . WebRTC is an open source project by Google, within the framework of which the development of multimedia communications in real time is carried out directly through a browser - without installing any programs or extensions. WebRTC allows anyone to participate in video conferencing and on any available device with a browser installed.

    New affordable high-quality web conferencing system

    3CX WebMeeting allows you to hold meetings or presentations with a screen demonstration during a webinar; to organize trainings, you can use the capabilities of a virtual classroom with a board for notes and a queue for questions from participants

    Low cost makes videoconferencing affordable for everyone

    3CX WebMeeting Server is available at the most affordable price. With powerful interactive features, the system can use high-quality, inexpensive webcams and headsets. The 3CX solution is, in fact, the industry's first low-cost web-based conferencing system.

    System cost :
    25 simultaneous participants - € 1995
    50 simultaneous participants - € 3500
    100 simultaneous participants - € 5995
    250 simultaneous participants - € 9995

    Downloads and documentation

    Download 3CX WebMeeting Server -
    Installation and Setup Guide -
    Administrator Guide -
    User Guide -
    3CX WebMeeting video -

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