13 innovative applications in mobile commerce

    Mobile commerce is no longer new. According to the IBM report for the 2017th year, mobile traffic amounted to 45% of the total, and sales via mobile devices - 22.6%. Smartphones and tablets significantly affect how we shop, and some mobile apps even change the traditional business.


    This app looks like a news feed (similar to Instagram feed) consisting of brands including luxury labels and work by novice designers. You can view the collections supervised by consultants and editors. There is no "basket" in the application. If you enter data on a credit card and delivery address, you only need to post on the goods in order to purchase it. And after users “like” any product, the seller can send them push notifications.

    Product Hunt

    The Product Hunt application is designed to find and share new products, primarily in the field of technology. Post, vote, bookmark your favorite items. There is a convenient search for products. You can also take part in a dialogue between developers and users of the product.


    Wanelo (from the English words Want, Need, Love) describes himself as "a shopping center inside the phone." This is an entertaining shopping experience that brings you a stream of unique products uploaded by users. Subscribe to your favorite stores and users in one place to have access to a feed of products personalized for you. Among the goods: clothing and accessories for women, men and children, as well as home decor and furniture. You can also create a list of desired products.


    Raise is an application for buying and selling gift cards. You can buy gift cards at Target, The Home Depot, and Macy's at a discount. Or use the app to sell your gift cards at your chosen price.

    The hunt

    This application is a whole trading community. Post a photo of what you are looking for, and community members will help you find, stylize, or buy it cheaper. Observe what is trending or use your shopping skills and recommend products to others.


    App holds nine-minute private auctions of designer brand products. In these auctions (only for users of the application), goods can have a discount of up to 80%. Choose how much you want to pay. You always pay the amount of the second sentence in value.

    The gadget flow

    This is a platform that helps you find cool products online, from 9 to 12 products every day. The application also provides you with the option of storing your favorite products in a closed or public list of goods for future use. The mission of this application is to find the coolest products on the network and present them to you without any mess.


    This is a company that sells the selected members of the community designs, such as t-shirts or hoodies. Users can submit the design to Threadless, and other users will vote for it within 7 days. When the counting period is over, designs get a rating of 1 to 5. Using the ratings, Threadless decides which items to craft.


    Wish is a mobile platform in Europe and North America that provides users with large discounts on products, primarily from Chinese manufacturers. Take a look at the selection of fashion items, accessories and electronics. Wish personalizes your past shopping experience by adjusting which products are displayed in the application based on the nature of your views.


    Handy is an application designed to book cleaners and handymen, covering about 20 cities in North America, Canada and the UK. It is also a good example of a mobile application for commercial services. Indicate what and when you need, then pay directly from your phone. Manage your orders on the go, check for changes and evaluate services.


    Cyprus24.taxi- An application that connects customers with drivers, re-equipping urban transport. This is a good example of aggressive mobile commerce, expanding its network with amenities and lower tariffs than competitors represented by a traditional taxi. In the application, you can compare travel rates on different car models. Connect to your personal driver to see his location at any time.


    Cover is a payment application for optimizing dinners in restaurants. Pay for the order without waiting for the check. Just join the table in the app and tell the waiter that you will pay the bill using Cover. The app will leave a tip of your choice, so you can leave when you are ready. If you have dinner with friends, the application will automatically split the bill. Cover is currently available for restaurants in San Francisco, New York and Salt Lake City.


    This application is for payment and rewards. Pay for purchases, earn and manage bonus points, find stores, leave a tip for the barista, download music, etc. However, the real revolutionary feature of the application is its widespread use. According to a recent article by Business Insider, the app spends about five million transactions per week. It may be the best example of mobile commerce that penetrates our lives day after day.

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