February Microsoft Azure Platform Update Overview

    The news digest of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform platform   contains the main announcements and content for developers, IT professionals and all professionals interested in cloud technologies and the Azure platform. Previous digest releases can always be found at the  following link . From this digest in the useful content will be not only our content, but also interesting and good links that can be written not by Microsoft.

    In today's digest, you can say that the HDInsight - Hadoop ball in the cloud rules. However, mobile developers have good news. And a lot about machine learning.

    Yes, and in February 5 years came from the commercial launch of the platform.

    GA and preview

    GA : Azure Machine Learning is a machine learning service. You can create models using algorithms from Xbox and Bing, R / Python packages, or using native R / Python code. Further, this model is deployed to a web service that connects to any data source. And all this came out of the preview. What is also interesting - the appearance of Machine Learning Marketplace makes it possible to monetize it as well. More about new very interesting changes .

    GA : Apache Storm on Azure HDInsight- Apache Storm - a well-known OSS package that gives access to the functionality of processing a large number of events in real mode. Now its support has appeared in Visual Studio and on Azure, which means that it works stably and you can contact technical support when questions arise. And it's free.

    GA : Azure HDInsight - scaling a cluster - previously it was impossible to change the number of compute nodes after creating a cluster without re-creating it. Now you can.
    Preview : Azure HDInsight on Linux- HDInsight is an implementation of Apache Hadoop from Microsoft in the cloud. As a service. That is, you can click and get a Hadoop cluster in a few minutes, calculate what is needed and delete it. In February, Linux cluster support appeared.

    Preview : Azure Mobile Engagement is a new data-based service that provides real-time analytics on your users, segmentation, push notifications and other things among all devices connected to it. A very useful service for both developers and marketing.

    Open Source News and Other Releases

    New version of Powershell cmdlets . The changes are mainly in StorSimple and Azure Automation storage.

    Useful Content 

    A new free book for those who want to quickly learn about what Azure is.

    How to use a virtual machine image among several subscriptions - a popular request from users, one of the solutions is described in the article

    Automation for quick deployment in Azure - new Azure Task DevOps utility Manager, which will help to quickly deploy the service.

    A series of Microsoft blog posts about how to create a hybrid cloud simulated infrastructure with virtual network, VPN, SharePoint, LOB application and Office 365.

    How to migrate your local SQL Server database to the new version of SQL Azure (SQL Server as a service )- v12 is the latest update to SQL Azure Databases, which includes a large number of changes, especially for compatibility.

    Azure Machine Learning as the development of data mining technologies is an excellent review article from a Microsoft specialist about machine learning service

    How Machine Learning Ate Microsoft - What Microsoft is doing with Machine Learning is an interesting material about machine learning that has become a big trend lately.

    How to quickly start writing R for Azure Machine Learning

    Windows 10 comes to Raspberry

    Real-time data flow analysis with Azure Stream Analytics 

    Reduce development and testing time with Azure Web-Sites and Visual Studio Online

    Seventh annual Microsoft Research Summer School. This time about the machine learning and intelligence of

    Big Data and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure. Announcements from a colleague from the community

    useful links

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