The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 91 developer (on February 16-23)

    Last week we will remember the “long-awaited” Yandex lawsuit against Google, the potential vulnerability in Telegram, the next report of Developer Economics, the Android debugger from Facebook and the Answers service from Twitter. All this and much more in the weekly digest!

    Do not be evil

    We have always believed in competition and the right to choose a user. So much so that even in our search results from the first days of Yandex, there are links to other popular search engines. To be honest, I was always sure that Google believes the same. What is a company of engineers producing cool products. Alas, it is now obvious that in addition to the technical company, which once considered its slogan “Do not be evil”, now there is a completely different one - a company controlled by lawyers and businessmen.

    The story of one failure (development of the first mobile game) with conclusions and tips

    This publication may be of interest to those who are going to take up or are already developing their first mobile game and at the same time expect some kind of financial “exhaust” from it.

    Potential vulnerability in Telegram Android

    It so happened that I needed to study the source codes of the encryption, transmission and decryption mechanism of messages in Telegram for mobile platforms iOS and Android. That is, we are talking about client applications, it is their sources (iOS, Android) that are in the public domain.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization


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