12 TITLE Tag Optimization Tips

    The title tag is the most important part of the page of any site, so you should pay great attention to how you compose it. Creating headings is like art and not everyone can compose it in the right way the first time, for this you need to know some subtleties. Applying the following 12 tips for using and optimizing the title tag for your sites, you will avoid many problems in the future.

    1. The title should reflect the essence of the page.

    2. Include your brand in the page title.

    3. Use different titles on different pages.

    4. The title tag must contain keywords.

    5. Do not include too many keywords in the title.

    6. Do not use stop words in the title.

    7. Each word should not be repeated more than two times.

    8. Do not use too long page headers.

    9. Make the title length no more than 8 words.

    10. Put the most significant keys at the beginning of the title.

    11. Use patterns if necessary to include several keys in the title.

    12. Do not use special characters.

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