vCard and simplification of filling out forms

    Registration on the site is a rather long and annoying user process. Everyone is trying to speed it up and make it as simple as possible. But you still have to enter data into the fields, and you can’t get anywhere from this.

    Thinking about it, one fine evening, the idea came up how, using vCard and a couple of scripts, you can simplify this procedure.


    The essence of the idea is to substitute user data from the vCard format into the fields of the registration form. Where we get the data in vCard format is not important - the user can specify a link to the page with his hCard, and we will convert it to vCard, or download the VCF file from the local computer. Where vCard processing will occur - on the client side or on the server side - is also not important.


    Given the form in which you need to indicate your name, phone number, address and place of work. Additional fields are given: load vCard and hCard URL . The user selects the appropriate method. The system downloads user information, parses it, and substitutes it into the specified form fields.

    VCard data:

    PRODID:-// 0.11 (BETA)//EN
    NAME:Artem Chertov's diary

    Form after substituting data from a file:

    The idea is not only for registration. You can apply this method for any form on the site. I wonder if the method will be in demand, and in general, is the game worth the candle? It is interesting to hear your opinion on this matter.

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    Thank you.

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