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    I think many will be interested to know how the inside of the publishing house is arranged, in particular, how the computer edition works, how new books are born, how they are “nurtured”, what they’ve removed, editors eat, etc.)

    FYI. Piter Publishing House has been operating since 1991 - for 24 years now! And it all started once with the publication of a small self-instruction book, and off and on ... Now we are one of the largest publishing houses in the CIS. Our books are published not only in Russia and Belarus, but also in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, China, Ukraine. Every day there are 2-3 news!

    Almost any work is routine, as it includes responsibilities that need to be regularly performed especially without changing the order. We can boast that we have a varied routine: every day you have to read, follow IT news portals, read new book announcements, learn something new, etc.

    How are our books born? It all starts with an idea - there is an awesome translation book or topic on which you need to do something. After that, the head of the editorial office includes his analytical abilities and begins to diligently find out the situation in the book market - what is sold and what is not. It’s not a secret to anyone that, unfortunately, books have been selling worse lately, which is why periodically one has to give up some interesting books, as they turn out to be “narrow”. That is why we often conduct polls on Habré to decide on the publication of the book. After the analysis, we conduct a publishing council where we discuss “boiling” ideas at a round table and a cup of tea. If we approve the book, then the hard work begins - translation (or writing the book) / editing / proofreading / layout / making the cover / printing and all sorts of nuances.

    Why all these words?

    At the moment, we have a vacancy open - head of the computer literature in St. Petersburg. You may be the person we need. If you are interested, please write to the address - - Inna.

    Good luck to all of us)

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