has released a new Atom browser with an emphasis on "security and privacy"

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In July 2018, stopped the development of the Amigo browser, which is well known to many users who tried to remove it from the system .

However, the largest Internet company in Russia could not be left without a browser. Therefore, the developers simply transferred from one project to another - and made a rebranding. Like Amigo, the new Atom browser is based on Chromium.

Atom can be downloaded from the website . Today began open beta testing.

The main features of Atom developers consider speed, security and privacy:

Atom will not only warn you about unsafe sites, prevent phishing threats and installing malware, but also tell you how to manage your security settings. You will always know what happens when you activate different functions. Also in Atom, you can manage security settings for all sites at once, and for each individual site.

Probably, took into account the mistakes of the past, because Amigo dealt a serious blow to its reputation:

When promoting the browser "Amigo" a number of wrong steps were taken. Thus, partners and advertising networks were involved in promotion, some of which turned out to be dishonest - they used gray schemes to distribute the browser, which contradicted the rules specified in the agreement. Such actions caused a negative attitude to the product. In this connection, Mail.Ru Group decided to abandon the further development of the Amigo brand.

At the same time, Mail.Ru Group considers the market niche of browsers to be promising and does not exclude the possibility that work in this direction will continue. With the development of new products, the promotion format will be fundamentally changed based on the experience gained by the company. - from the press release on the termination of the project "Amigo"

Previously, "Amigo" imperceptibly installed in conjunction with extraneous programs, and then I registered myself in autoload and Windows Task Scheduler. Let's see how it will be now. “From the point of view of the product, Amigo was a good browser, ” a representative of said . - The main reason for his failure was aggressive marketing. Therefore, in the new product, we plan to use more “clean” methods of promotion and open interaction with users. ”

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