A few interesting and useful things for web developer # 39

    Good day, dear Khabravchians. Recently, I saw several interesting and useful tools / libraries / events that I want to share with Habr.


    A huge collection of really high-quality and necessary jQuery plugins, correctly packaged by application. Unheap has 5 main sections UI, Inputs, Media, Nav, Other, and each of them contains a dozen more subcategories. In total, at the moment the catalog has more than 1000 different plugins.


    Yes, this is another jQuery date picker. But the implementation is masterpiece in terms of UI / UX. The script is easy to connect and customize. In any case, Datedropper deserves attention for the design of the site itself with the project. This is the most beautiful JavaScript library page I have ever seen.


    The generator of your work environment. Many may have already heard of Yeoman , which allows you to literally assemble all the necessary tools and libraries for your project in just a few commands. Mixture basically does the same thing, but exists as a desktop application.


    A comment server similar to Disqus written in Python. It supports avatars, branches, voices, and Markdown is used instead of a visual editor. The project provides for the import of data from Disqus and WordPress. Comments themselves are also connected using JavaScript.


    A wonderful solution for autocomplete forms from the famous "developer" Lea Verou. Awesomplete weighs only 2kb and for basic use you do not even need to write JavaScript, just specify the options in the data attribute. For more complex tasks, the library contains a number of necessary options and methods, but continues to be as simple as possible to use. It is worth mentioning that in a few days the project gathered more than 2000 stars or GitHub.

    // No extra JS needed for basic usage!

    Pico cms

    Western thoughts or what it would be worth translating into Habré:

    They say and show domestic IT resources:


    For help in preparing the material, I express my deep gratitude to Alexander Maslov drakmail .

    Friends backenders! I think everyone knows that I make my selections entirely on altruism. I always searched a bunch of sites so that I was always comfortable working. And at one point I decided to share the material found. Over time, collections have gained some popularity and expanded significantly in terms of content. From now on, I will clearly structure the block “Last”, so that people do not have to look for what they need. In order for the sections to not be bare and always filled with relevant information, I need your help. And the problem is not only in time, but also in competence. In terms of backend, I'm more a theorist than a practitioner.

    Pshpshnik, rubist , pythonist, gooschikif you’re already monitoring GitHub Trending, Reddit, HackerNews or Twitter in search of interests and usefulness on your topic, if the found definitely has value, but does not deserve the attention of an entire post, if it’s not difficult for you once a week / two weeks depending on the material share a couple kilobytes of reference mass, then write to me in PM or any social. network from profile. Scribble in the main section at will. The name or contacts of the volunteers in each post will be indicated.

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    Thank you all for your attention.

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