March 2-5: PRO + online conference Skills: 4 skills in 4 days

    Friends, we decided to start this spring from the conference (we are aware that it’s still February, we are just looking a little ahead). And we decided to make this online conference the MOST PRACTICAL of what we have ever done, devoting 4 skills to its development.


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    4 pm, 4 experts, 4 skills, 4 workshops:

    March 2: Delegation, formulation and control of tasks
    Snowflake man or 4 major delegation errors (Alexander Orlov, managing partner of the Stratoplan School of Managers)
    • Typical problems of anti-delegation of a specialist on the way to managers
    • 6 phases of management
    • Task transfer triangle
    • 7 levels of delegation
    • 7-step delegation algorithm and common errors
    • 5 types of control

    March 3: Setting personal goals
    My goals 2015: how to set the right goals for the year (Philip Guzeniuk, partner of the St. Petersburg Coaching Institute)
    • The right goal is an asset, this is a competitive advantage, this is what allows you to “move mountains”
    • An integrated approach and 4 main dimensions in setting a goal for the year: how to take into account all the necessary ingredients so that the goal is lively, understandable and sustainable.
    • Google’s OKR approach: how to formulate motivating and at the same time specific goals.
    • Examples and case studies from the leader’s practice: what works and what doesn’t - what mistakes it is important to avoid when setting goals.

    March 4: Evaluation of project timelines
    Evaluation and protection of project timelines. What hurts her in different places and what does the manager do with it. (Ivan Selikhovkin, vice president of the St. Petersburg branch of PMI)
    • To whom and when is an estimate required
    • How flexible and “non-flexible” methodologies approach the assessment problem
    • What tools can a manager learn / try to improve grades
    • What are some “timing issues” actually associated with?
    • A few basic approaches - how to sell all this to management or the customer. "

    March 5: Negotiations
    Methods of positive counteraction to negative influence (Dmitry Kotkin, head of the School of negotiators, ShiP)
    • 5 ways to build partnerships
    • The principles of psychological aikido as a way out of pressure
    • 6 magic phrases extinguishing aggression
    • 5 types of compliments
    • Negotiating energy methods of the opponent in negotiations

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    Will we all succeed in becoming masters of kung fu in 4 days, time will tell, but if you want to not only gain new knowledge, but also:
    • Understand the causes of your mistakes and rakes
    • Get practical work tools that you can apply right away
    • See clear directions and steps to develop 4 essential skills
    • Catch inspiration and don't let it go all 2015

    Come! We specifically made the participation price very democratic (980 rubles), so that on the one hand everyone could participate, but on the other hand only those who really needed and interested came.

    PS Conference recordings will be available to all

    PPS participants. In the next 10 days we are thinking of publishing articles on conference topics, so we do not say goodbye. Good luck!

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