Learning JavaScript Programming

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    With the help of this book you will learn everything about the JavaScript language: from variables to loops. You will understand why different browsers react differently to the code and how to write universal code that is supported by all browsers. It will become clear to you why with JavaScript code you never have to worry about page congestion and data transfer errors. Do not be alarmed even if you haven’t written a single line of code before - thanks to the unique presentation format, this book will easily lead you along the entire training path: from writing a simple script to creating complex web projects that will work in all modern browsers.

    For whom this book is written:

    - You want to learn, remember, understand and learn how to program in JavaScript using advanced development techniques and modern standards.
    - You are trying to learn, not an experienced developer.

    The basic principles of the Head First series:

    Visibility . Graphics are remembered better than ordinary text, and significantly increase the efficiency of perception of information (up to 89% according to research). In addition, the material becomes more understandable. The text is placed in the drawings to which it relates.
    Conversational writing style . Recent studies have shown that with the colloquial style of presentation (instead of formal lectures), the improvement in the results of the final testing reaches 40%. Tell a story instead? to give a lecture. Do not take yourself too seriously. What will attract your attention: an entertaining conversation at the table or a lecture?
    Reader Active. Until you begin to strain the meanders, nothing will happen in your head. The reader should be interested in the result; he must solve problems, formulate conclusions and acquire new knowledge. And this requires exercises and tricky questions, in the solution of which both hemispheres of the brain and different feelings are involved.
    Attracting (and maintaining) reader attention . A situation familiar to everyone: "I really want to study this, but fall asleep on the first page." The brain draws attention to the interesting, strange, attractive, unexpected. Studying a complex technical topic does not have to be boring. Interesting is recognized much faster.
    Appeal to emotions. It is known that our ability to remember is largely dependent on emotional empathy. We remember that we are not indifferent. We remember when we feel something. No, sentiment has nothing to do with it: it is about such emotions as surprise, curiosity, interest and the feeling “Yes, I’m cool!” When solving a task that people consider difficult, or when you understand that you are better at knowing a topic than a know-it-all Bob from the technical department.


    This is a textbook, not a reference. We intentionally removed from the book everything that could interfere with the study of the material on which you are working. And at the first reading of the book, one should start from the very beginning, because the book assumes that the reader has certain knowledge and experience.

    We describe the GOOD aspects of JavaScript and warn about the BAD.

    The JavaScript programming language was not born in academia and did not go through the stage of enlightened peer review. He came to this world out of necessity and grew up in the harsh environment of early browsers. A word of caution: JavaScript has a lot of advantages, but there are other, not so wonderful, sides. But overall JavaScript- A wonderful language for those who can reasonably use it. In this book, we will teach you how to make good use of the good points, as well as point out possible traps and advise on how to get around them.

    We are not trying to describe in detail all the aspects of the language.

    JavaScript is a fairly extensive topic. You should not consider this book as a reference; This is a tutorial that doesn’t explain everything you can learn about JavaScript. We want to teach you the basics of JavaScript so that you can take any old reference and do whatever you want in JavaScript.

    This book teaches the use of JavaScript in browsers.

    The browser is not only the most typical environment for executing JavaScript code, but also the most convenient (everyone has a computer with a text editor and a browser, and nothing more is needed to get started with JavaScript ). Running JavaScript in a browser also means instant response; to see how the code you wrote works, just reload the web page.

    The book encourages writing well-structured, readable code.

    The code should be written so that it is well read and understandable to other people, and also works in browsers that will be released next year. It should be as simple and straightforward as possible so that you cope with your task and can move on to other matters. In this book, we will teach you how to write simple, well-structured code that can adapt to future changes — code that you can be proud of, put in a frame, and hang it on the wall.

    We recommend using different browsers.

    We teach you how to write standards-based JavaScript , and yet you are likely to encounter minor differences in the interpretation of JavaScript by different browsers. Although we made sure that the code provided worked in all modern browsers, and even show a couple of tricks that support the code of these browsers, we recommend that you select a couple of browsers and test JavaScript code in them . So you will learn to see the differences between browsers and create JavaScript code that will work well in different browsers with stable results.

    Examples were made as compact as possible.

    Our readers do not like to look at 200 lines of code in the examples to find two really important lines. Most examples of the book are presented in the smallest possible context so that the part you are studying is simple and intuitive. Do not expect that all examples will be well debugged or finished to the end - they are made for training purposes and do not always have full functionality. All sample files are available online. You will find them at .

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