Introducing 3CX WebMeeting 7.1 Beta - The Next Generation of Video Conferencing

    The 3CX team is pleased to introduce a new product: 3CX WebMeeting 7.1, which uses improvements in WebRTC technology for high-resolution presentations and screen sharing. All this can significantly increase the effectiveness of online meetings. To improve the quality of online meetings, PowerPoint-HTML5 Converter has been added to 3CX WebMeeting, which guarantees a clear presentation of your presentations for maximum effect. 3CX WebMeeting 7.1 also improved bandwidth usage and added an indicator that showed participants internet connection problems that could affect the quality of the online meeting.
    3CX WebMeeting 7.1 is available for free for 3CX Phone System 12.5 users (up to 10 participants), or you can download the local version- 3CX WebMeeting Server.

    And now we’ll talk more about the key new features and improvements:

    New Features and Improvements

    • The number of simultaneous participants in each hosted 3CX portal has been increased from 3 to 10.
    • The bandwidth for video communications and screen sharing has been increased to 256 Kbps.
    • A connection quality indicator has been added that informs the user about the current network usage.
    • Ability to preload presentations in HTML5 format to provide clear display quality even using narrow Internet channels.
    • Import attendees from 3CXPhone clients for faster meeting organization.
    • Bandwidth control for high quality video.


    3CX WebMeeting for 3CX Phone System v12.5 users:
    • To activate your 3CX WebMeeting account on 3CX Phone System, see step-by-step instructions .
    • Important Note. 3CX Phone System v12 users who upgrade to 3CX Phone System v12.5 must deactivate and then reactivate the 3CX WebMeeting license to gain access to 10 free members.
    • Learn how to create a 3CX WebMeeting web conference using 3CXPhone for Windows and Mac .

    Users who require a local installation of 3CX WebMeeting Server:

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