ZeroNet - Distributed Sites Via Bittorrent and Bitcoin

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    , various distributed technologies are actively developing, they have already come to light: distributed messengers (Tox), distributed microblogs (Twister), and now it comes to full-fledged distributed sites.

    ZeroNet - What is it?

    ZeroNet is a platform that allows you to:
    1) Get access to distributed sites
    2) Create distributed sites

    To access a site on this network, you must specify its hash address and go to it, it looks like this: 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
    When you first visit such a site, it will be placed on the system’s home screen and will be displayed with a normal name and not with a hash.

    How it works?

    During the creation of the site, a key pair is generated and a target folder with the site content is created. Everything that will be in it will be available on the network.

    After the creation of the site, it is announced via the DHT network, and an analog blockchain is created for this site (to support versioning).

    And what happens when browsing sites?

    At the first opening of the site, peers are searched in the DHT network, as soon as the peers are found, loading of the site content from them begins. In the future, you will be with these peers in a general swarm, which will allow you to quickly receive updates.

    Yes, when you open a site, you must download it in its entirety and only after that you can work with it.
    And no, sites can have dynamic content, for example, system developers have created ZeroBoard, a distributed forum in which you can write not only to its creators.

    ZeroNet is the opensource project in addition, here you can find examples of all distributed applications.

    How to install?

    Install Python 2.7
    Install Python ZeroMQ
    Install Python Greenlet
    Install Python Gevent
    Install Python MsgPack

    Open in browser : 43110

    apt-get install python-pip
    pip install pyzmq
    pip install gevent
    pip install msgpack-python
    Run python
    Open in browser : 43110

    brew install python-pip
    sudo pip install pyzmq
    sudo pip install gevent
    sudo pip install msgpack-python
    run python

    Open in browser : 43110

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