HTTP / 2 is ready

    Today, the specifications for the new version of HTTP have become final. IOTF HTTP Team Chairman Mark Nottingham wrote on his blog that the IESG formally endorsed the HTTP / 2 specifications . Now they are sent to the RFC editor , where they will be assigned the official RFC number, a little edited and published.

    Soon this wonderful event will be reflected in the official IETF blog , but for now, Mark Nottingham personally thanks all those who contributed to the development of new specifications. In particular, developers of the SPDY protocol, which formed the basis of HTTP / 2.

    Among the key features of the binary HTTP / 2 protocol, which replaced the textual HTTP / 1.1:

    • Improving the efficiency of using network resources by multiplexing requests, prioritizing requests and compressing HTTP headers, proactive push responses from the server.
    • A major increase in performance for modern browsers and mobile devices.
    • The ability to deploy on the modern Internet using IPv4 and IPv6, and not forgetting about NAT.
    • Simplify the deployment of HTTP-based solutions.
    • Ensuring modern security requirements.

    HTTP / 2 is the most important innovation in Hypertext Transfer Protocol since the release of HTTP / 1.1 in 1999.

    You can test HTTP / 2 now. It is supported by Firefox and Chrome browsers (the setting is disabled by default, the protocol identifier is “h2-14”). There are several test servers from Akamai, Google and Twitter, as well as open source implementations. RELATED

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