The Radio Yearbook Electronic Journal - Issue 34. Arduino Guide

    Good afternoon.
    The publishing house of the electronic journal "Radio Yearbook" made a gift to all Arduino lovers. A new issue of the magazine, fully dedicated to this platform, has been released.

    Earlier this magazine was not covered on Habré. It is understandable - the main focus of this magazine does not quite fit into the IT theme. But the last issue here is worth telling. In this issue, we talked about the history of the Arduino, made an overview of existing boards. The issue also includes reviews of publications on Arduino (with detailed content) and trial versions of books on this topic.

    You can download the magazine on the Radiolotsman portal at the link: “Arduino Guide”

    Full room content
    • Amperka: Arduino hardware review
    • Radio Pilot:
      • How Arduino was created and promoted
      • Arduino's Open Platform Unleashes Creativity
      • Arduino Shields - expanding the capabilities of the hardware platform
      • Arduino analog functionality: how to use it in your projects
      • Network Features of Arduino Applications and Systems
      • Arduino Due - the official Arduino board on the ARM microcontroller
    • Articles, Ideas, and Projects - Online Review
    • Arduino Publication Review (Detailed)
    • Evaluation versions of books:
      • Programming Arduino / Freeduino microcontroller boards. Ulli Sommer
      • Projects using the Arduino controller. Petin V.A.
      • Start the Raspberry Pi. Matt Richardson and Sean Wallace
      • Hacker abstract Amperka
      • Where do robots start? About the Arduino project for students (and not only). Gololobov V.N.
    • Practical Arduino programming. Articles:
      • FLProg - Arduino board visual programming system
      • Creation of interactive objects and environments based on the Arduino platform
      • Multichannel device for input and accumulation of analog data based on MS Excel
      • Building the user interface of the local control system based on the Arduino UNO controller

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