ASP.NET Day: Ballmer Peak, Pluralsight, and the Future of ASP.NET

    Less than two weeks are left until ASP.NET February 28th . Our team is already checking the sound and printing badges. Our speakers finish their presentations and hone formulations. And I will talk about how we will contribute to the acquisition of superhuman programming abilities among our participants.

    It seems to me that the success of the developer lies in three things: practical professional knowledge , high vitality and lifelong education (everyone noticed that you have to run to stay in place?).

    How we managed to include these benefits in the basket for the participant - read under the cut.

    You will learn a lot from the world of ASP.NET by listening to reports, talking to speakers and colleagues. In other words, immersed in context. And the concentration of practical professional knowledge specifically for ASP.NET promises to be high.

    More about reports

    The ASP.NET platform is on the verge of global change. Andrey Shelekhin (Tinkoff Bank) will talk about them. Which ones are the most important? How will they affect the development process? Should I be afraid and how to prepare? In the report, you will learn about a new round of technology development and the possibilities that will appear with the release of ASP.NET 5 (vNext) and Visual Studio 2015.

    In the report “Dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET vNext” Andrey Leskovwill tell you why Svyaznoy considers Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC an effective solution to reduce the complexity of business logic. How it helps to deal with a typical problem of increasing complexity as web projects develop. How does this solution prevent a slowdown in development. You will also learn from the report what's new for DI in ASP.NET vNext.

    Evgeny Agafonov (ABBYY) will talk about how to use Omnisharp, how to put CoreCLR, ASP.NET under * nix. That is, it will demonstrate the capabilities of cross-platform development on ASP.NET vNEXT.

    Under the hood of one of the most popular projects in the world - - Alexander Belotserkovsky will look(Microsoft). In this talk, you will learn about architecture (something to share). We will consider the Azure services that are used in the project. In particular, why was one of the storage elements for data selected the cloud-based document-oriented Microsoft Azure DocumentDB database.

    About how to develop an online version of a text editor will tell Roman Reshetnikov (DevExpress). Using the example of a preview version of a new product, the RTF web editor, ASPxRichEdit, he will tell how high responsiveness to user actions was achieved and productivity was maximized. You will learn how to develop this product, what problems were encountered, and what testing methods were used.

    Artyom Kolomeetsfrom Kaspersky Lab will talk about approaches to designing infrastructure for services and services for infrastructure, as well as examples of dealing with the complexity of infrastructure planning. How these solutions allow you to deal with problems in the placement of services on a combat environment, the complexity of management, increase security and reliability.

    From the ASP.NET Internals report by Vitaliy Baum (bright box) you will learn how the two main letters mVC work - Controller and View. How queries find the necessary Action. The life cycle of objects upon request. What is View, how is the view drawn for the frontend. How to write your own ViewEngine.

    About prizes

    The possibility of continuing education and high vitality is provided by our sponsors.
    Each ASP.NET Day participant has a chance to win one of two prizes.

    $ 499 annual plus Pluralsight course subscription

    It is available on a one-year to 11,150 hours of training in courses 3700+ programming from the company Pluralsight .
    And “Plus” means the ability to download code samples, pass tests and receive certificates.

    Everything you need to experience the Ballmer Peak

    One box of Queen Mary beer in the Burton Ale style from our sponsor VICTORY ART BREW will be played .
    And also now we are negotiating with the site so that two kegs of another beer are on the afterparty.

    More than 160 people from 130 companies developing under ASP.NET have already registered.
    Hurry to join colleagues.

    Please note that a special price is valid until February 22 .
    Valid wholesale discounts on the purchase of two or more tickets.

    Register now! Free places are becoming smaller every day.

    See you at the conference!

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