Solution: Adobe AIR cannot find a connected iOS device from under Windows 7

UPD: In the last beta, the issue was resolved.

Today a developer contacted me on Skype, who couldn’t install the compiled application from Flash Builder directly on the iPhone. If someone does not know, there is such an opportunity. It is enough to have iTunes installed.

But the problem turned out to be very insidious. Having the most current version of iTunes - the installer air17_sdk_win \ lib \ aot \ bin \ iOSBin \ idb.exe from the Adobe AIR SDK package gave a disappointing answer:

iTunes MobileDevice library not found. Please check your iTunes installation. image

To solve the problem, all packages that came with tuna, including himself, were completely uninstalled and, after a fresh installation, a depressing inscription still appeared.

I found out from himvideo card model (probably, he also asked himself, "And where does the card?") and posted on this page

It turns out that for some unknown reason, Apple as always broke improve something in their software to such an extent that now owners of older video cards (in this case, the card was released in mid-2010) may require special versions of iTunes.

The developer downloaded the installer iTunes 12.1 for Windows (64-bit - for older video cards ) and it worked out!

I hope that this note will be useful to developers for Adobe AIR!

imageIn addition, I will clarify the current version of Adobe AIR as of February 16, 2015:
- Release16.0.0.292 (dated February 12, 2015)
- Beta 17.0.105 (dated February 11, 2015)

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