Welcome to the Cognitive Vehicle Detection Benchmark

    Citizens of Khabravchians!

    We invite you to participate in the competition for the best development of software for detecting vehicles moving on roads on images obtained from a moving video camera (video recorder) “Cognitive Vehicle Detection Benchmark”.

    Its goal is to recruit promising developers in the creative group Cognitive Technologies, which faces interesting practical tasks in creating an unmanned vehicle.

    How to take part?

    To participate in the competition, you must register here before March 1, 2015 . By the same link you can get a description of the competition procedure. There you can download an archive of images after receiving a username and password. Competition regulations can be found here .

    Criteria for evaluation

    The solutions proposed by the contest participants will be evaluated according to the following criteria: quality of detection, program performance and resource intensity, level of scientific and practical novelty.

    Competition Rules

    The competition will be held in two stages.
    At the first stage, participants will have to send solutions to the tasks set in his conditions.
    Those who, in the opinion of the Tender Committee will propose the most successful, in terms of meeting the criteria for evaluating the decision, will be invited to the second round, in which it will be necessary to submit presentations of their results to the commission.

    The results of the competition will be announced until April 30, 2015.

    Who are the judges?

    The competition commission is composed of employees of Cognitive Technologies and the Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The chairman of the commission is Oleg Slavin, project manager for the creation of machine vision systems at Cognitive Technologies.

    Question about elephants

    Participants who have proposed the most interesting solutions will be offered a job in the Cognitive Technologies department of development and software projects with the ability to carry out scientific activities in the field of machine vision, as well as cash prizes: for first place - 100 thousand rubles, for second place - 80 thousand rubles and for III place - 50 thousand rubles.

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