Carmageddon Reincarnates

    The succession of good old games through crowdfunding continues. Following the successfully funded and launched Wasteland 2 and Leisure Suit Larry , Kickstarter started fundraising for the come-back of the legendary bloody racing.

    The team about to bring this ambitious project to life is the same Stainless Games.that did the original. Now the office is mainly engaged in add-ons for MtG, but, apparently, inspired by the example of the above projects, the gentlemen still gathered to prove that they had not rusted over the 15 years since the release of the first part, and are capable of doing something serious. One gets the impression that they can be trusted: the guys started by buying the full rights to the name “Carmageddon” from the publisher. Of those eight people who are responsible to humanity for the thousands of cars crumpled into an accordion and the unimaginable number of sophisticatedly killed pedestrians, five still work at Stainless Games, so you can hope to maintain the spirit of the old school.

    In the revived game, they promise to preserve the "chips" of the original: large spaces available for pokatushek, a variety of power-ups (including solid granite car and pedestrian electro-bastard ray :), a lot of cars equipped with sophisticated destruction tools, and, of course, multiplayer ! However, the past years should be beneficial for the project: the correct physics of destruction and realistic graphics - this is what was not enough for complete happiness in the distant 97th.

    Developers want a minimum of $ 400,000; a digital copy of the game, as usual, is given for $ 15; for the greater contribution, additional buns are laid: from access to early beta testing for a quarter of a hundred and the possibility of becoming a pedestrian for a thousand to personally invented tracks or an opponent for ten thousand. About 120 thousand have already been collected, it’s almost a month before the end of the fees, so we can safely hope that things will come to an end.

    Project page on kickstarter.

    Developers site.

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