Nintendo patents case - Game Boy

    When NES and SNES Classic Mini saw the light, the author of these lines stated in the comments that the Game Boy was next. And in this direction something began to stir, but no one imagined that they would solve the problem this way ( link to the patent application ).

    Cases depicting a Game Boy are already known, but they are put on the phone from the back and either are decorative or contain stuffing from the standard Brick Game game. The same case will be made in the form of a book with a cutout on the "cover", as with some Samsung models, only with physical buttons, and will use the display and sensor of the smartphone. It will be able to work in conjunction with the application - a normal emulator, only official, whose UI elements are adjusted in size and location to the “display” and cover buttons. The latter imitate the touch by connecting when a large area conductor is pressed to the small conductive “patches” pressed to the screen of the smartphone. The cross section of the button mechanism for clarity is shown in the pressed and pressed positions.

    The conductor is connected to a large sensor plate on the back of the case for which the user holds it. So it all looks separate:

    And so - as part of the case:

    To answer an incoming call, you first have to open the "book".

    Patenting is not a guarantee that the product will be released. Sometimes corporations, patenting something, act on the principle of "dogs in the manger." Sometimes not. Time will tell.

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