and GreaseMonkey

    Due to the need to earn money somewhere, I became a regular visitor of the website and after a couple of hours of monitoring new projects on the main page, I got tired of this business and I decided to fix the situation a bit with a script for GreaseMonkey .

    What is needed for happiness to a freelancer (at least for me) on the site:
    • Remove the menu-catalog of specializations of freelancers;
    • To remove the list of freelancers terribly annoying with their drop-down projects who decided to pay for my spoiled nerves, not only to me, but to the creators of the service;
    • Remove paid projects. Life hangs on top and interferes with monitoring normal projects;
    • Make the list of projects a little more compact;
    • Well, remove the advertising with the news.

    Quickly sketched a script and voila, joy for a couple of hours:

    The script itself can be found at , and put it in the same place.

    This is my first script, so please do not kick much.
    However, reasonable criticism is welcome. As well as wishes for improvement.

    Crosspost from a personal blog .

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