Warm USB shawl.

    Popular wisdom says: "prepare the sled in the summer, and the cart in the winter." And let the winter cold now seem something very distant and unrealistic, they will certainly come.
    And once the cold comes, one will have to think about how to keep warm. But here we will act not by popular methods.

    USB shawl

    On sale now there are already a few "warm" gadgets. You've probably heard about USB slippers, gloves, knee pads and even a heated mouse. But they will save only certain particularly vulnerable parts of the body, but what about the rest? The USB shawl offered by Convenient Gadgets will take care of the rest .
    What is so special about the gadget? And almost nothing. It's just a shawl that you can throw on your shoulders. Its only feature is that it will warm you better than any other shawl, as it can warm up when connected to a USB port. So the thing is simply irreplaceable on cold winter mornings and evenings in offices and at home.


    via news.samaratoday.ru

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