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    Having discovered opportunities for himself yesterday, GreaseMonkey decided to realize his idea set forth in the Commentary post - a unit of meaning . After spending 30 minutes in the evening, I outlined a concept for how I see a solution to the problem.

    UPD : Solved all usability issues and released version 0.2 . I hope for your feedback.

    UPD 2 : It turned out to work in Opera.

    As you can see from the picture, a small arrow appeared in the comment toolbar, when clicked, a popup appears with the comment text, from which you can go to the comment itself if you wish.

    I did not express myself either as a JS programmer or as a typesetter. The task was to make a concept. Performance was tested in FF3 and Opera, if it is useful to anyone other than me, then I’ll take care of the cross-browser solution.

    If you want to install, then install user script . You must have GreaseMonkey installed.

    UPD : Solved all usability issues and released version 0.2 . List of changes:
    • Original comment, now does not block the current
    • The popup displays information about the author
    • Popup disappears after 15 seconds
    • Arrow replaced by Re:
    • Experimentally: Popup disappears when scrolling the mouse wheel

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