Develop a mobile application and win - an interview with the head of the department of mobile development Alexander Bogdanovich

    We are starting a series of interviews with our experts on the most relevant and interesting topics from the IT world.
    And today, Alexander Bogdanovich, head of the XIM Wireless Mobile Application Development Department, answered questions. Alexander talked about the benefits of a mobile application for business, shared secrets on how not to “burn out” with a mobile application and explained why it is profitable to develop a cross-platform application.

    Tell me something about yourself. Why did you decide to connect your fate with mobile development?

    A.B .:Everything is pretty simple. It all started with programming in Flash, with the development of applications for social networks. Subsequently, with the expansion of the mobile technology market, with the advent of new platforms, it became interesting and profitable to plunge into mobile development. It can be said that mobile development came automatically with changing market needs.

    What are the pros and cons of each platform?

    A.B .:All platforms have their pros and cons and unambiguously single out a specific platform and say that it is the best, this is probably wrong, because the existence of a sufficient number of platforms at the moment is confirmed by the fact that they are all necessary. Each platform brings income and benefits to certain groups of people: both application users and developers themselves. Some companies develop only Android applications, others only iOS, others try to create native applications on both iOS and Android. As for our company, we cover the maximum number of platforms and audiences, respectively, using various cross-platform solutions for the development of mobile applications.

    How to choose a platform for which it is better to develop an application?

    A.B .:Business owners are now starting from the analytic data of their site’s traffic: simply comparing the number of users visiting their site and choosing to develop a mobile application for the platform with which the largest number of users goes to them. However, it will be more correct to develop a cross-platform application that will be simultaneously available to all user groups on the most popular platforms now: Android, iOS, Windows Phone. The reason for this decision is the constant increase in the number of users of all three platforms, which, according to analysts, will increase by 2.5 times by 2020.

    And what are the advantages of cross-platform application development?

    A.B .:Here, a definite plus is that making the application once it can be distributed on several platforms. Using the example of Unity and Marmelade shells and frameworks, we create a single application: a single code is written - the basic one, and then this code is converted into an application that will work perfectly on iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone, and even BlackBerry 10. But this is not all: a cross-platform application will also be available on social networks from a user profile on facebook, vkontakte, odnoklassniki - without losing results! If we take as an example the e-commerce industry - an online store, then making an order from a mobile application, and then using the site itself or an application from a social network, the user will see his personal account, with the basket and goods that he ordered from the mobile application. The only drawback of cross-platform application development is, perhaps, the need to stabilize and adapt the application for the end user on different platforms, but this work usually takes 1-2 days. In any case, we do not develop 10 products in parallel, we make one application available on all platforms, saving time and money, covering the maximum audience, and due to this we are winning. Summarizing the above, in addition to the fact that the business owner can cover all user groups, thereby expanding the business model, increasing the conversion of his business, developing cross-platform applications will cost less and take much less time than developing a native application for only one platform, and then porting it to everyone else. Marketers, like business owners, know that if you didn’t manage to reach your audience in time, then someone else will do it instead of you and your target group will go to another supplier of goods / services. Therefore, one has to admit the realities of today: if a business does not have a mobile application now, then it is already a loser.

    What benefits does a mobile application bring to business? Why do companies order mobile app development?

    A.B .:Everything is simple here: the world does not stand still. Everything is moving forward, technological progress in the world is moving very fast, and so now the development of a mobile application for business plays an important role. Let's return to our example of the e-commerce industry: to develop a mobile application for an online store that directly displays the same online store and can make purchases. In this case, you can expand the audience of users, increase sales, get more profit. If you also connect your marketing, then the mobile application can also be used as a clever reputation management tool - to incite users to choose exactly your product, hold each consumer’s hand, launching push notifications, which also facilitate purchases and increase sales on average by themselves by 15-20%.

    Does the app provide more business opportunities?

    A.B .: Yes. In the case of an online store, this is an extension of the audience, its attraction due to the mobile application. In the case of other businesses - in addition to attracting new users - additional income: advertising in the application, for example. In fact, there are a great many ways to monetize the application, which can bring the business an additional income of approximately + 70%.

    Mobile application development services are provided not only by companies, but also by individual freelance developers. Why is it still more profitable to use the services of the company?

    A.B .:A freelancer is a person who can afford to move away from the work schedule, he can become very ill, abruptly disappear, and therefore there are no guarantees in terms of product delivery, delivery guarantees in general and the product in principle. If everything was in words before, now they are signing official agreements with freelancers and there are specialized services where freelancers value their reputation very much. And a good freelancer will never let you down. But here it is important to understand that a freelancer is one combat unit. And the company guarantees 100% fulfillment of the order, because there are a certain number of specialists in its reserves. And in the event of failure of one person, there is a whole team that works on this order, which of course is the guarantor of the order. Therefore, a team is an indisputable fact of order fulfillment in comparison with freelance. In addition, we always involve users in the field of user interaction in the development of the application to create a competent and efficient application interface. Indeed, recently, in addition to functionality, user convenience has been playing an increasingly important role. In this regard, a well-designed interface is often the key to the success of keeping the user in the application and maximizing the conversion of lead into a client!

    Are there any difficulties that the customer will have to face if he turns to a professional?

    A.B .:The difficulty can only be that a clear statement of the problem is required from any customer, that is, the development company will have to get clear requirements. Often the customer does not know what he wants to receive. In this case, a professional company must offer its solutions: attract its business analyst to study the goals and specifics of the customer’s business, analyze the audience’s behavior to create the highest quality product that will satisfy both the customer and the product users and bring maximum income to the customer’s business. As for our team, we are working with the installation: to make the highest quality and truly cool product that will be pleasant to use and which will bring maximum profit to the customer. Many companies can develop a mobile application.

    What should be done in order not to “burn out” with a mobile application?

    A.B .:Previously, about 3-4 years ago, it was almost impossible to burn out. Releasing a mobile application with a high probability it could be argued that this application will earn enough money if it comes out immediately with high-quality and thoughtful. Now, every year, month, week, it is becoming increasingly difficult to produce due to the saturation of the market. That is why it is important to take the application design very seriously at the design stage. To know the huge number of audience management secrets that we have developed and tested in practice with many of our customers during all the years of our work, connect special application monetization modules, and be in the trend of the mobile application market. Our team has a whole staff of analysis and research of user reactions, hypothesis testing and continuous improvement of user interaction with the application, this is what, in addition to thoughtful functionality, you need to pay great attention. And here you can not do without the accumulated experience.

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