Mobius 2015 conference announcement: reports on iOS, Android and Mobile Security


    April 3, 2015 in St. Petersburg will host the Mobius conference for programmers developing software for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other mobile platforms.

    Conference reports will be purely TECHNICAL. In a programme:
    • More than 20 technical reports from experts in the field of mobile development;
    • Workshops from programming gurus for iOS and Android;
    • Free communication zones - the possibility of informal contact with participants.

    The conference WILL NOT:
    • reports on marketing and promotion of mobile applications;
    • presentations about investments, startups, business models, monetization, etc .;
    • lectures on the implementation of Agile and other development methodologies;
    • coworking, hackathons and other boring buzzword activities.

    Of similar conferences in Russia there is only the Moscow conference #MBLTDev from the e-Legion company and ... and that's it. All other conferences deal with games, promotions, traffic, and other non-development activities. So it’s nice that at least someone other than us appeared in this field :) Because at other conferences, of course, there are developer reports, and sometimes entire sections, but this, unfortunately, is still not enough. Especially against the background of the growing number of technical mobile conferences in Europe and the USA.

    What was wrong with Mobius 2014

    Last year we held Mobius for the first time and, admittedly, made a bunch of mistakes. We conducted a survey among the participants of Mobius 2014, and here are the negative points that emerged:
    • little attention was paid to the preparation of speakers - some were unprepared;
    • some reports had a lot of publicity;
    • we made serious discounts on tickets a couple of weeks before the conference, as a result we offended those who bought tickets in advance;
    • The format of the security roundtable was boring.

    What have we done this year in order to rectify the situation?
    • Speaker training. We will listen to experienced and good speakers just 1-2 times before the conference on skype and make comments. For those who are not very experienced, we will conduct a series of trainings on the structure of the material and its presentation, thus ensuring a good quality of reports;
    • Advertising in reports. We thoroughly re-examine all the reports and remove the entire ad from the presentations :)
    • Price policy. This time, prices will be tightly tied to time;
    • Round table. We began to study round tables at other conferences and noticed that even among them interesting, but classical reports are still better perceived. Probably this year we will cancel the round table. If we leave, then we will change the format by adding hard moderation.

    Mobius 2014: now for the good

    First of all, we note that there were several really strong reports.

    Cordova / phonegap

    Anton Keks from Tallinn clearly and in the case spoke about why they use Cordova / PhoneGap in their Codeborne. The report turned out to be excellent, and from the comments I would note that the topic of when it is necessary to write cross-platform software and in which it is worth writing native code was not disclosed.

    Kotlin for Android

    Andrei Breslav from JetBrains talked about how his brainchild, the Kotlin programming language, can be used for Android development. Judging by the reviews, the people were inspired by ideas: some of them set up Kotlin priyamo at the conference and began to indulge in breaks with him!

    Android Application Protection

    Mikhail Dudarev and Ivan Kinash from the Moscow company Licel made a rather in-depth report and talked about those aspects of development where developers usually do not go around. True, the advertising of my product in the report was a bit much for my taste. Of the buns was hacking the game right during the talk :)

    Android platform internals

    Alexey Nikitin from Odnoklassniki directly at the conference took up surgical activity and dissected Android. In fact, as rightly wrote in the reviews, the topic of the report was to sound like "Inter-process communication in Android and several other chips." We talked about AshMem and some problems in Binder. Well, about the first 30 seconds of the application’s life, you can generally make a separate report. Enough is enough there.

    Mobius 2015: what awaits us

    Now back to what awaits us at Mobius 2015. This will be a classic conference, with three parallel streams, 50-60 minutes reports, questions and answers and an exhibition area from sponsors: Odnoklassniki, Luxoft and others.

    Reports that have already been approved:
    • Mikhail Dudarev from Licel talks about how your application can survive in an untrusted environment;
    • Ivan Kinash, his colleague, will make a report on the application of the hardware capabilities of modern processors to create a secure Android environment;
    • Denis Kretov from Notissimus will talk about iBeacon technology in payment solutions;
    • Alexey Rybakov from DataArt will talk about the development for SmartWatches: Apple WatchKit, Android Wear and TizenOS;
    • Alexey Zinoviev from Tamtek will talk about how to build geomobile applications, which frameworks to use, whether to connect Google Maps or Bing Maps, how to bypass the pitfalls associated with the limits and text of licenses, as well as the most popular types of such applications, their advantages and cons;
    • Philip Keks, the younger brother of Anton mentioned above, who works for the Estonian company Creative Mobile, will talk about testing mobile games;
    • Yuri Buyanov from Odnoklassniki will talk about how to get rid of a bunch of unnecessary actions when developing mobile applications and, thereby, save yourself a lot of time;
    • Vladimir Ivanov from Kaspersky Lab will talk about mobile malware;
    • Mikhail Samarin from the Finnish company Futurice will talk about the effective use of the latest versions of Unity;
    • Danil Nikiforov from Tamtek will talk about Couchbase lite for iOS - an analogue of NoSQL for mobile platforms;
    • finally, Andrey Belenko from NowSecure will talk about what is worth and what should not be done to protect data from iOS applications.

    As you can see, we have already announced more than half of the planned number of reports. About 5 more reports are currently under discussion. Accordingly, we have 4-5 free slots left. So we are waiting for your report! Send your applications to us in Call for Papers .

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